Hiding in plain sight

“Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.”

—— Michael Corleone in “The Godfather Part II”

Sports metaphor alert: President Obama likes to play defense. If there’s another explanation as to why he keeps addressing controversial issues as if they are all goal line stands and he’s guarding the end zone, let’s hear it.

Last year Obama stepped in it when he said the Cambridge, Mass., police acted “stupidly” with the Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates incident in which Gates was detained at his own home by law enforcement who were acting on a report that he was a burglar.

Obama has gone and done it again. On Friday he said he supports the building of a mosque at ground zero and then on Saturday performed a political flip-flop on the controversial subject.


Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Harry “Droopy” Reid issued a statement Monday saying he is in favor of freedom of religion but that the mosque should be built somewhere else.

Caved-man Reid is in the fight of his political life this November against lunatic Tea Party/Republican candidate Sharron “Lock ‘n Load” Angle —– so, being a Democrat, he’s pandering to her.

Obama made a courageous decision by first saying the mosque should be built at ground zero, but when he backtracked he proved once again that he’s letting the Republicans take the offensive. And in this case, they’re pretty offensive.

One begins to wonder if Obama is self-destructive. Dude, if you want to keep on message stop being the bearer of bad news for your own party. Once again your accomplishments like health care, the jobs bill and extending jobless benefits to deserving Americans is being overshadowed by the power-hungry hypocrites whose lot in life is stirring up anger.

Obama suddenly got wishy-washy on the mosque debate —- as if he was suddenly reminded that, roh-roh, the American people are against it by a big margain, so I better do what’s popular and not what’s right.

No profile in courage this time out again, Mr. President.

One wonders if Obama will ever stop letting the Republicans set the agenda —- without putting himself in that goal line stand where the other team has four downs to get in and score.

The GOP has no answers on how to deal with the brutal economic situation —- so they’re all over this hot-button values issue like Sarah Palin on a check for a speaking fee. They’re going to carry it as long as they can before it (hopefully) comes back and bites them where the sun don’t shine.

Fear and loathing in America.

The enemy Muslims are hiding in plain sight.

Save paradise, don’t put up no stinkin’ mosque.

The fearmongers of the Republican Party of Rush Limbaugh, Fox Manufactured News and the lunatic right wing-nut bloggers are succeeding again at turning white Americans against any group that isn’t white — and this time not Christians.

Let’s see how what they’ve given us so far:

1. Obama is a Muslim who wasn’t born in America and pals around with terrorists.

2. Obama’s health care plan includes death panels that will pull the plug on granny.

3. Illegal immigrant drug-dealing murderers are crossing the border to rape and pillage and to take away our lower than entry level jobs.

4. Stop that wise Latino woman from getting on the Supreme Court, she’s guilty of being a racist against white folk.

5. There’s a new black panther party and their goal is to kill “cracker babies.” And, by the way, here’s a fabricated news story about Sherry Sherrod, a member of the Obama administration, who is guilty of reverse racism.

All this crap had its inception in the delusional minds of the right wing. Yes, Hillary, there is a vast right wing conspiracy. But they don’t have to be subtle about it anymore. They’re out in the open and they drape themselves in their intolerance like it was the flag.

Listen to crackpots like the Baked Alaskan herself who was fed the talking point that sure, those people (a term the right is using with regularity for Muslim-Americans) have the right to build a mosque — but that doesn’t mean they should.

So, Mama Grizzly, that would be like saying that you have the right to run for president, but because the majority of Americans don’t think you should be president means you shouldn’t run.

Because a majority of people don’t think the mosque should be built near ground zero doesn’t mean that they’re right.

There’s that little thing called freedom of religion.

Wanna bet? Listen to those nosebleeds on Fox Manufactured News talk junk like “you know what those Muslims do in those mosques —- they plot terrorism against America.”

Ya, and in all Catholic churches priests and cardinals and bishops plot more sexual abuse against children.

Meanwhile, in synagogues, Jews are singing the praises of themselves because they make all the money.

Fear and loathing in America.

Lumping one religious group as vermon —- as all terrorists —– like they did to the Jews in Nazi Germany.

It can’t happen here.

Not only can it —— it’s happening.

Former House Speaker (and architect of the infamous Contract with America) Newt Gingrich compared Muslim-Americans to Nazis by using this analogy concerning the mosque: “You would never let a Nazi put up a sign at the Holocaust museum.”

Gingrich has a spray gun in his fat little mitts and he’s ready to paint a new symbol on a mosque.

You opened the Mein Kampf on the Nazi issue, Newt. What a way to kick off your run for the presidency in 2012. Here’s an idea for a campaign slogan: “Remember the ground zero mosque.”

The first thing Nazis did was win the propaganda war —- the hearts and minds of the angry who learned that the only way not to live in fear (as they were convinced of) was to loath.

The propaganda machine is reincarnated by vicious assaults —- continuous character assassinations —– by Limbaugh on the radio, Drudge on the Internet and Fox on TV. How does Fox sell itself? “The most powerful name in news.” Its “We report, you decide” slogan will forever be referred to in this blog as “We incite. You react.”

But they are slick because they not only hide behind the flag, but behind Christianity and the Good Book.

“Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves.” (Matthew 7:15)

Our ancestors escaped religious persecution in the countries of their births and made it to the shores of America.

Some of them encountered continued religious persecution here as well.

But that was long ago. Generation after generation discarded intolerance until it became a poor chapter in our history.

Before anyone wants to return to those times just ask yourself one question.

What would Jesus do?

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