Alphabet soup

Mexicans (at least those of the illegal immigrant garden variety) had to be breathing a sigh of relief all of last week because they weren’t the target of hate groups and frightened white people.

Last week it was the Muslims and that pesky little mosque’s turn at the dirty, greasy hands of the lunatic right wing.




The right wing-nuts are Muy loco over names and words that begin with “M.”

Mormons have got to be walking on (salmonella) egg shells.

Good thing they’re white. Theeggs, too.

Mitt Mormon is staying out of this fight, you bet’cha.

Now the right doesn’t always attack an “M” word.

For instance, they didn’t get on the Marriage issue —- as in when the ban on gay Marriage in California was lifted (for the time being.)

Only one reason why, Muchachos —– President Obama didn’t come out in support of the issue (and then backtrack on it the very next day.)

Had the prez supported the issue, the nosebleeds at Fox Fabricated News, Rush to Judgment, and the Baked Alaskanwould’ve been all over that ban on gay marriage like Liza on a choreographer.

In its place, they can pick on another “M” word. Martha. As in Martha’s Vineyard. Where the Obamas are vacationing this week.

You can hear Sean Insanity now: “Obama basks in the sun at Kennedyville while the massive salmonella egg outbreak ravages the nation.”

Don’t remind Insanity that eggs are white and yellow —- or he and his klan may start picking on Mandarins.

Yep, get on Obama’s case for vacationing for 10 days. Time for the wing-nuts to take a sick day because of selective amnesia. In August 2001, soon after W. and his nitwits apparently saw (OK, glanced at) the memo that in partread “Bin Laden determined to attak the U.S.” what did the worst president not named Millard (as in Millard Fillmore) do? That’s right, sports fans, he went Go-Gos and spent the entire month on vacation.

Pundits pontificate that the extreme right wing is becoming more powerful because the economy is so bad and the people are so angry that they’ll blindly follow anybody who can stoke their flames.

Sound familiar? It happened in another country a long time ago in this galaxy that was not far away.

And a major city in that country was another “M” word.


Get in goosestep with the Malignant Manical Mercinaries of Millionocracy.

It’s a Must .

The perfect Malady for Milquetoasts.

Man up.

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