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Entertaining the masses

Some movies stand above the rest because of a combination of memorable dialogue, scenes and performances. All cylinders are clicking. Think “Casablanca,” “The Godfather” and even “The Wizard of Oz.” On the flip side, there are dubious achievement awards for … Continue reading

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Know your movie cliches

Years ago when censors controlled what people saw at the movies, one major sticking point was that a married couple had to be shown sleeping in separate beds. If there was a single bed, only one of them could be … Continue reading


At face value

It was a snapshot of what all of America will look like soon. Traffic court earlier this week provided a rare glimpse of the faces of humanity in one setting. There were more blacks, Latinos and Asians contesting their traffic … Continue reading


Who let the dog days of summer out?

Bad tan, rested and ready. That’s House Minority Leader John “Spray on orange tan” Boehner —- the Ohio Republican who would be Speaker of the House should the GOP take back control of the House of Representatives come November.Bad Tan … Continue reading

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Alphabet soup

Mexicans (at least those of the illegal immigrant garden variety) had to be breathing a sigh of relief all of last week because they weren’t the target of hate groups and frightened white people. Last week it was the Muslims … Continue reading

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Annoying celebrity rehab

Leave Snooki alone! The “Jersey Shore” bombshell faces a new charge because of her recent behavior at a beach last month. The charge: annoying people. Snooki could be fined $500. Her defense could be if you weren’t an over-exposed annoying … Continue reading


Shock and awe-inspiring

U.S. combat mission in Iraq accomplished. Take that Deadeye Dick Cheney. It’s a “banner” day W. Didn’t see President Obama flashing any false bravado on an aircraft carrier or anything like that. It was the troops’ day in the sun. … Continue reading


All things mosque pass

Some time ago Fox Fabricated News must have decided that it was just plain boring reporting the news. So they started making it. Well, making it up anyway. And the so-called respectable media that tries to distance itself from Fox … Continue reading


Hiding in plain sight

“Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.” —— Michael Corleone in “The Godfather Part II” Sports metaphor alert: President Obama likes to play defense. If there’s another explanation as to why he keeps addressing controversial issues as if they … Continue reading

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Movie News

The biggest news item of the week was: A. The $26 billion jobs bill passes in the House saving jobs of hundreds and thousands of teachers, police and firefighters B. Elena Kagan sworn onto the Supreme Court, making it the … Continue reading

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