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Obama drama

For someone who says he doesn’t like drama, President Obama has got plenty of it going on now. And it’s his own party that’s pratfalling over important issues in their comedy of errors. White House Chief of Staff Rahm “F-Bomb” … Continue reading


Bible belted

Things that make you say huh? Atheists and agnostics scored higher on a survey that tested knowledge about religion than did Catholics, Protestants and Jews. Holy skepticism, Batman! That’s OK, you know what’s said in the Bible about what happened … Continue reading

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Mothers and other strangers

Those dang Obamas. First the dern socialists want to tell us how much salt we can use. Then the first lady is out there trying to curb child obesity and wantin’ everybody to eat healthy. Nuitrition is the language of … Continue reading


Pledge this

The Republican Party released its “Pledge to America” on Thursday. Or as Fox Fabricated News refers to it, “Our talking points.” There’s nothing in this latest GOP contract on America that describes how they are going to go about balancing … Continue reading

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The M Squad

The Republican Party must not be supporting the troops anymore. Well, they support the troops, unless their favorite movie is “Cabaret.” The GOP actually blocked the defense authorization bill on Tuesday because it included the repeal of the “Don’t Ask, … Continue reading

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Medium Uncool

Whenever a politician has to deal with accusations of misuse of campaign funds or anything unethical, they always blame the media for hounding them. The broadcast media —- although not above suspicion anymore because they tend to be one-sided on … Continue reading


She’ll put a spell on you

Christine O’Donnell should change her first name to Christmas. Because she keeps on giving gifts. Seems the GOP/Tea Party candidate for Delaware Senator “dabbled in witchcraft” when she was in high school. There is proof of her saying this on … Continue reading

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True ‘Value’

The Democrats are in a world of hurt come November. And it’s not the economy, stupid. It’s the celebrity factor. The Republicans have got a slew full of them. And they’re going to be around more than the so-called alloted … Continue reading

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Sister Grizzly

Here kitty, kitty….. The GOP moneylenders said election night they wouldn’t fund Christine O’Donnell’s campaign for Senator from Delaware because she was too kooky to win. Well, 24-hours later the Republican Senate committee that finances candidates caved. Orders from Rush … Continue reading


The Grand Ole Party’s over

Not even common sense can trump anger this election year. Another Tuesday night primary. Another round of whackaloons pulling upsets. Just don’t say “pulling upsets” or pulling anything to Tea Party Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell. But more about that — … Continue reading

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