True ‘Value’

The Democrats are in a world of hurt come November.

And it’s not the economy, stupid.

It’s the celebrity factor. The Republicans have got a slew full of them. And they’re going to be around more than the so-called alloted 15 minutes of fame.

Who ya gonna get excited over on the Democratic side of the aisle?

Nancy Pelosi? At any moment one expects her to screech: “I’ll get you and your little dog, too!”

How about Senate Majority Leader Harry “Droopy” Reid? He’s about as exciting as watching dust form.

No, it’s this year’s crop of GOP candidates that’s got the political world talkin.’

They’re kooky and their crazy, but they’re manna from heaven when it comes to making news fun again.

The latest whacko to break through the pack is Christine O’Donnell, the GOP’s candidate for Senate from Delaware.

What a week for the Sarah Palin understudy.

If you were paying attention, you’ve heard some of the lunatic stuff in her past —- mostly the abstinence and anti-self-abuse talk.

Doesn’t matter that she doesn’t have a job and made only $5,600 last year. She needs the work.

So what if she’s on tape from a few years back on Baba O’Reilly’s (Fear) Factor Fox Fabricated Follies saying —– wait for it —– stem cell research was anti-God because evil agnostic scientists were crossbreeding humans and animals and were coming up with mice with fully functional human brains.

O’Donnell makes Palin look like Madame Curie.

Sister Grizzly’s first foray into a national speaking gig was to a partisan crowd of worshippers on Friday at the Values Voters Summit in D.C.

These snobs actually think that their values are better than yours, Paris.

Anyway, you know these hypocrites — they’re the ones who blah blah blah about getting big government off our backs. But they’re the same whackaloons who want big government to tell women what they can and can’t do with their wombs.

Big Mama Grizzly wasn’t there on opening day. The Baked Alaskan was in Iowa at the Ronald Reagan Dinner. She was in Iowa to test the waters. Someone told her the Atlantic flowed through that state. No. seriously, she was in Iowa testing the water. All together now: To see if she really can walk on it.

So Palin’s clone, her understudy, was there in the spotlight all on her own. A coming out party. Well, don’t say coming out to Sister Grizzly.
Wonder what some of the guys in attendance were thinking when she spoke.

Probably baseball. But probably not even thinking about getting to first base.

Things overheard in the crowd at the Values Voters Summit on Friday:

1. “When’s Jesus gonna speak?”

2. “Jesus isn’t coming — he’s got a prior engagement. He’ll be speaking through Glenn Beck again.”

3. “The food here isgood — but I can’t help noticing that Christine O’Donnell is specifically avoiding the foot-long hot dogs.”

4. “Snooze alert! Mike Huckabee’s speaking.”

5. “Mitt Romney’s a candidate? I thought he was the emcee.”

6. “The sanctimonious God guy in charge of this thing is named Tony Perkins —- let’s have some fun and introduce him to people as Norman Bates.”

7. “That’s Michael Steele and he’s the head of the Republican National Committee? Dang, I thought he was the bathroom attendant!”

8. “No more Red Bull for me —- I swear I saw Congresswoman Michele Bachmann bite the head off a live chicken.”

9. “I’m just here to gawk at Nikki Haley.”

10. “Limbaugh’s here —- hidethe child brides!”

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