Bible belted

Things that make you say huh?

Atheists and agnostics scored higher on a survey that tested knowledge about religion than did Catholics, Protestants and Jews.

Holy skepticism, Batman!

That’s OK, you know what’s said in the Bible about what happened to Adam and Eve when they partook of the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge.

They had to wear fig leaves.

You can’t fault those who didn’t do so well taking the survey —- the multiple choice questions were tough:

1. Who broke away from the Catholic religion to form the Lutheran religion?

a. Martin van Buren
b. Martin Luther King
c. Martin Luther
d. Luther Vandross

2. The last pope’s name was John Paul. What’s the current pope’s name?

a. George
b. Ringo
c. Yoko
d. Benedict

3. The President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was:

a. Ethel Mormon
b. Mormon Mailer
c. Brigham Young
d. The Young and the Restless

4. If it wasn’t for Judaism, civilization would have had to make do without:

a. The Ten Commandments
b. Christmas
c. cream cheese
d. Stand-up comedy

5. Reasons why you’re an atheist/agnostic:

a. Your sports team never wins and you get P.O’d because you can’t thank God personally for making you superior to the losing team.
b. You like believing that the Bible belt is what Rush Limbaugh wears to keep his pants up so his big butt won’t be exposed and frighten all of humanity.
c. Your weren’t remembered in the will like you were foolish enough to put your faith in.
d. You can score high on any test about religion because there’s nothing to study about being an atheist/agnostic

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