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Lost in translation

President Obama delivered his annual State of the Students speech to America’s schoolkids on Tuesday. Unlike George W. “Is our children learning?” Bush, Obama actually knew the subject matter. Even though if you listen long enough to right-wing talk radio, … Continue reading

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‘Jack’ of all tirades

Political cartoonist Paul Conrad died last week. Conrad was relentless in his scathing attacks on President Richard Nixon —- sometimes he was excruciatingly funny. The day after Nixon died, Conrad was still unforgiving of the crooked politician. His cartoon showed … Continue reading

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The bonfire of his vanity

“There’s something happening here but you don’t know what it is, do you, Mr. Jones.” — “Ballad of a Thin Man” by Bob Dylan That nosebleed Florida pastor, Terry Jones, has held America hostage long enough. Time for cable TV … Continue reading

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The Conversation

That nosebleed Florida pastor, Terry Jones, says he’s waiting to hear from God whether to burn Korans at his church on Saturday. What if the conversation went something like this: Long Distance Operator: “Is this Pastor Terry Jones?” Jones: “Yes … Continue reading

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50 ways to blame Obama

At least cable news isn’t using sports metaphors this time out. It’s a GOP tidal wave forecast for election day. Democrats will be victims of an angry voter tsunami. Weather forecast metaphors. Here comes Hurricane Sarah and it’s going to … Continue reading


Darlings of Dumbocracy

Margaret Thatcher’s name didn’t ring a bell with Sarah Palin, according to an aide with the John McCain 2008 GOP presidential ticket. This is significant because Palin claims to be a disciple of Ronald Reagan, the patron saint of the … Continue reading

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Making it up as they go along

There they go again. More whako Republicans disguised as Tea Party candidates. Hey, Alaska, there goes any seniority your lawmakers had in the Senate now that Sen. Lisa Murkowski was defeated by the upstart Joe Miller, another Palin puppet. Here’s … Continue reading