Doomsday Dems

     If you think this isn’t shaping up to be a bad year for Democrats nationwide, consider this: Lady GaGa came out ahead of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Fobes magazine’s list of the 100 Most Powerful Women.
     It’s less than a month away before the mid-term elections — or as the Republican Party and its committee, Fox Fabricated News, puts it: “26 days until Christmas.”
     Cable news networks, and Fox, already have the Democrats’ political obituary written. And it’s chock full of media-speak cliches. It will be delivered on air something like this:
     “At the end of the day voters felt a disconnect with the president’s agenda, specifically that his policies were outside their comfort zone which created the perfect storm to oust incumbents who couldn’t avoid the slippery slope, thereby becoming victims of the political tsunami that’s sweeping the GOP into power where they will have the political capital to ensure that the present state of the economy won’t continue to be the new normal.”
     The bad omen for Democrats offered an amusing twist the other day when President Obama was speaking at a powerful women luncheon when the presidential seal on the podium fell off.
     Lot of metaphors surrounding that one. Like:
     Obama did the same thing with his economic policies. Or:
     Obama did the same thing with the war in Afghanistan. Or:
     It’s a sign from God that if Democrats keep control of the House and Senate it will signal the end of days.
     Things overheard in the audience when Obama spoke at the powerful woman thingy the other day:
     1. “He only got to speak here because we couldn’t book Betty White.”
     2. “Did he compliment your shoes?”
     3. “He doesn’t look socialist.”
     4. “That’s the guy who pulled the plug on my granny!”
     5. “Is he going to give us all a car or a trip somewhere?”
     6. “The seal dropped off his podium. Good thing it wasn’t Clinton — it would’ve been his pants.”
     7. “I asked if I could sign his real birth certificate.”
     8. “Isn’t that Michael Dukakis waiting tables?”
     9. “During the Q&A I’m going to ask him what he plans on doing after he leaves the presidency in 2012.”
     10. “Who’s that lady wearing the meat dress?”

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One Response to Doomsday Dems

  1. Bub says:

    5. “Is he going to give us all a car or a trip somewhere?”

    Least expected, best received.


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