No Joy in Liberal Media-land

     Liberals can be just as annoying as conservatives.

While conservatives see themselves as guardians of decency, their liberal counterparts flaunt their arrogance by being politically correct — a term liberals invented that, no matter how you slice it, screams of being elitist.

There are many cases in point, but the most recent occured Tuesday night on CNN on “The Joy Behar Show.”

Behar, of course, is one of the loudmouths on “The View.” She has her own nightly news/talk show on CNN — apparently because America can’t get enough of Joy Behar.

Enough of Joy Behar already.

Behar was discussing New York Tea Party gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino’s anti-gay rant about gay pride parades.
    Her guests were two openly gay men, one the former governor of New Jersey James McGreevy.

Naturally, Behar championed her liberal agenda of supporting gay rights. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
    But her politically correct arrogance was quick to show itself after she asked the other guest whether he was in the closet before coming out.

The man said that he was, more or less because his mother and father were devout Catholics. He added that for a time he considered becoming a priest.

That’s when the Queen of Snarkiness went immediately into her stand-up comic mode: Without missing a beat, Behar said (paraphrasing here) that would’ve been perfect for you.

You know, sexual abuse of underaged boys by priests. Get it?

Even the man jokingly agreed saying (paraphrasing again) that he likes to dress up like a woman and likes men.

No politically correctable dysfunction here.

Two things here:

First: Behar, without thinking (how else would anyone get a TV talk show these days?) inadvertingly joked that the man could have entered the priesthood and had a field day abusing underaged boys.

Second, and more importantly, it’s politically correct to be defenders against homophobia (a media-anointed word that apparently only pertains to gay-bashing) but it’s perfectly fine to insult a specific faith-based group that has millions of followers in America.

It’s not only acceptable among the politically correct to bash Catholics and heterosexual men — it’s become the norm.

One could argue that the Catholic-bashing stems from the liberal media elite’s anti-religious, anti-God agenda. And, quite frankly, because Catholics tend to be conservative (especially pro-life.)

There is some of that going on in the media, albeit subtle.

And one could also argue that the media and Hollywood on many occasions —- and nothing subtle about it —- bash straight guys as being dumb, weak and, of course, homophobic.

The liberal media has an agenda —- and loudmouths like Behar are just as dangerous as her blabbermouth counterpart Ann Coulter.

Just like every obnoxious thing Coulter says, the equally obnoxious Behar won’t lose her job for being a Catholicphobe.

Maybe that religious affiliation will get a break from elite snobs like Behar if they start having Catholic pride parades.
  The men could even dress up like nuns.
  Some women go for that kind of things.
  But first it has to be certified politically correct.



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