Back to basics

     The feel-good news story of the year that had most of the world cheering turned out to be all 33 miners in Chile alive and well after being rescued.

The Miracle in the Mine.

Even the xenophobes over at Fox Fabricated News couldn’t help but cover the tense moments hour after hour.

Now that the miners are safe, healthy and back with their loved ones, no more of this touch-feeling stuff, now the news channels can get back to do what they do best —– covering all things nasty.

Wonder how certain cable news and entertainment shows will treat the aftermath of the rescue….

1. MSNBC: “Freeing those trapped miners can be compared to how difficult it is for President Obama to get Americans out from under the deep recession abyss the Bush policies put them in.”

2. Show Biz Tonight: “Our Show Biz Tonight poll: Is “Super Mario” the hottest of the freed trapped miners? And will he be able to cash in on his new-found celebrity?”

3. Fox Fabricated News: “This just in: Our Fox News poll shows that the president of Chile has a higher approval rating than Obama among Americans.”

Speaking of Fox, Karl Rove, one of their paid propagandists, is at it again. Rove, who you may recall was labeled “Bush’s brain” (now there’s a jim-dandy thing to put on your resume), accused President Obama of having an “enemies list.”

You know, like Dick Nixon had when he was in the White House.

Karl may have a point. Here are some other comparisons it wouldn’t be far-fetched of Karl to use comparing Tricky Dicky and Joe Cool:

1. The Nixons had two daughters.

The Obamas have two daughters.

2. Some guy streaked during a speech Obama was giving last weekend in Philly.

Streaking was a fad during the Nixon presidency.

3. During that same speech in Philly last weekend, some guy threw a book at Obama.

Nixon had to resign before the Justice Department threw the book at him.

4. Teddy Kennedy helped get Obama elected president without breaking a sweat.

Nixon sweated more than usual everytime someone told him Teddy Kennedy was going to run against him for president.

5. Nixon went to Russia and China.

Obama is the Manchurian candidate of the KGB and China.

          Speaking of the prez, he conducted a town hall meeting for the under 30 crowd that aired on MTV.

What he heard from a lot of the young people was not music to his ears.

Obama was grilled on everything from race relations to unemployment, taxes to llegal drugs, and immigration to education to the environment.

There were no softball questions —- this isn’t Sarah Palin speaking to the Young Republicans who carry guns and the Bible crowd.

Still, here were some of the questions asked by young people of the president that didn’t air:

1.”Boxers, briefs or commando?”

2. “Do you think it will be tough working with a witch in the Senate?”

3. “Like …. um …. uh … y’know … like … um….”

4. “You gonna see ‘Jackass 3-D’?”

5. “What are you going to do after you leave office in 2012?”

6. “I stand to make out like a bandit in her will, so can you pull the plug on my granny?”

7. “This isn’t a beer summit?”

8. “Do socialists cry?”

9. “Should Justin Bieber’s memoir be included in Oprah’s book club?”

10. “Seen the over-under yet on the GOP taking back the House and Senate?”

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