The new breed

         It has been well documented this political season that there’s a lot of whackaloon candidates running for the House and Senate —- and some of them are going to win.

A witch in Delaware.

A guy who used to like to play dress up as a Nazi for World War II re-enactments.

You name it, they seem to be out there.

California is no longer the template for whackos.

Even Jerry Brown — who still can’t shake the moniker of “Governor Moonbeam” that he earned in the 1970s — is a lightweight these days.

The Republican/Tea Party candidates seem to have the stronghold on extreme candidates.

Democrats are so bland that the media cliche of the year was invented just for that party’s supporters — “enthusiasm gap.”

Flying under the radar —- perhaps because she’s a Democrat and cable news networks are so fixated on tea baggers — is one Krystal Ball.

Yep, that’s her real name —- although it sounds like someone whose profession might have something to do with exotic dancing.

Ball is a candidate for Congress in Virginia.

She is 28 years old and would become the youngest member of Congress should she win.

Ball was on MSNBC earlier this week dealing with photos that are on the Internet of her at a party several years ago. What’s interesting about the photos is they show her leading her (then) boyfriend around on a leash. And, oh ya, her boyfriend was wearing a sex toy on his nose.

The candidate made no excuses or apologies for the photos or for her behavior (the youthful indiscretion card was well-played here.)

In fact, Ball tried to turn the tables on the situation by calling it sexism because her detractors were trying to use it against her.

But she didn’t stop there: Ball offered her own premonition (did she use a crystal ball?) that she is somewhat of a forerunner of candidates from her generation who will one day run for political office.

And because hers will be the Internet/Facebook generation, a lot of those young people, she said, will have some embarrassing photos for all the world to see.

All right! That means there’s still a possibility, if we should live so long, we could see:

Lindsay Lohan for governor.

Paris Hilton for Senator.

Ball is unashamed and made of tougher stuff to be sure.

Let’s just hope she never dabbled in witchcraft or dressed up as Eva Braun for some World War II re-enactment fun and games.

We can only take so much in one election cycle…..

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