Pranks for the memories

         The economy is exceeding the speed limit on its way to hell in the proverbial handbasket.

People are out of work and can’t find jobs.

No one wants to vote in the mid-term elections.

And “Jackass 3D” was not only number one at the box office over the weekend, it took in $50 million. OK, “grossed” millions.

The next entry in the no-holds barred movie will depict where the country’s head is right now.

The filmmakers obviously know what to do with that depiction since they have an obsession with all things anal.

Monday morning quarterbacking turned out to be Monday morning movie critics on cable news TV —- with those apparently in the know opining why the vulgar comedy did so well with movie-goers.

In tough economic times people love pure escapism and like to laugh. The fact that the movie is vulgar doesn’t matter —- a lot of the political attack ads this election cycle are vulgar as well.

So, Democrats take notice —– start making political ads with a “Jackass” theme to them. Your party symbol is a donkey anyway.

This could save Senate Majority Leader Harry “Droopy” Reid’s political career.

Reid is in a tough re-election fight in Nevada against whackaloon Tea Partier Sharron Angle.

Think of the Jackassy pranks Dems could use against Angle’s positions on the Department of Education, Social Security, or going to war with Canada.

It will be difficult to top Crazy Joe Miller, GOP/Tea Party candidate for Senate in Alaska —- his goons handcuffed a journalist who tried to interview the whackaloon. One of Miller’s stormtroopers Miller’s handcuffed the journalist, whom they said was abrasive and wouldn’t leave until he talked to the tea bagger.

Joe Miller, no prankster is he.

But to get on that Jackass bandwagon, Democrats have to act fast (OK, that’s a contradiction, Democrats acting fast on anything) because the sharpies responsible for those clever GOP ads against your party will be on it like Mama Grizzly on an overpaid speaking engagement check.

No use wasting any moola on Jackass-style ads against Christine O’Donnell, the witch running for Senate in Delaware.

Her candidacy is a prank in itself.

Last week in her debate against her Democratic opponent Chris Coons,  Sister Grizzly actually answered a moderator’s question with “It’s irrelevant what I think.”

Meanwhile, Mama Grizzly was campaigning for tea baggers in California (but not in West Hollywood) over the weekend.

No truth to the rumor that Palin was ready to sue somebody because she heard that “Jackass 3D” was the title of an unauthorized biography about her — or that she was planning to use that title for her next book about herself.

Missing in action at the Palinesta rallies were Republican candidate for Senate Carly (“Outsourcing thousands of jobs daily to India”) Fiorina and GOP gubernatorial candidate Meg (“$140 million, but who’s counting) Whitman.

Fiorina and  Whitman don’t need to be seen with Palin because they certainly don’t need any financial support from the RepubliTea Party.

And they don’t need the grief.

And what was Sarah Palin doing in Gomorrah anyway? Is there money she actually hasn’t handled yet?

Things overheard by liberals hanging out inconspicuously at one of Palin’s tea bagger rallies over the weekend:

1. “She looks meaner in person.”

2. “She doesn’t write on her palms anymore because she’s more interested with who’s going to grease them.”

3. “Pixar calling: They want to use your whiny voice as a cartoon character.”

4. “Your daughter’s performance on “Dancing with the Stars” reminds us of a golden oldie song: ‘The Bristol Stomp.’ “

5. “Man up, Palin!”

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