Tea and antipathy

 “At any rate I’ll never go there again! It’s the stupidest tea-party I ever was at in all my life!”

—- Alice, in the section

“A Mad  Tea-Party”

from “Alice in Wonderland” 

by Lewis Carroll


That’s funny, you don’t look shrewish.

Some of Sharron Angle’s best friends are Asiantinos.
    Angle, the clueless Tea Party candidate running to unseat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in Nevada, was caught on tape with both feet planted firmly in mouth while speaking at an Hispanic High School.

Naturally the liberal biased news media was verbotten — but one industrious student taped her via that new fangled technology that dim-witted politicians like Angle are never aware could be in use.

Angle was questioned about a political ad she ran (that was since shelved) that showed sinister looking actors, armed and dangerous, sneaking over the border in the dead of night apparently looking to mame, rape and kill good tax paying white people. Either that or here illegally to take all the low-paying jobs native borns wouldn’t touch with a machete.

The GOP candidate tried hopelessly to defend the race-baiting ad by making a bad situation worse.

No, no, Angle chirped, who said the dangerous-looking rough acting types were Hispanic?

Why, some of them looked like they could be Asian, Angle blurted.

(You know, the Korean Mafia as opposed to the Mexican Mafia.)

One could hear some of the high school kids laugh at, not with, Angle. A few groans could also faintly be heard.

    There was also something in there somewhere about terrorists coming over our “Northern” borders.

But Angle wasn’t finished. Oh no. She even told some of the kids in the class that some of them looked Asian to her.

(Hey, at least they all don’t look alike to Sharron Angle.)

Want more? There’s more: Angle tried to remove her head from her butt by trying to convince the students that she herself was once mistaken for an Asian when she first entered the Nevada State Assembly.

Maybe she should do a campaign ad something like this:

“I’m not an Asian.

I’ve been mistaken for one once.

I’m you.

White and worried that terrorists are going to come over our Northern borders.

I want to protect our children from Canadians forcing them to wear flannel and taking up curling.”

Now, Sharron Angle looks like she’s a nice lady.

It’s just that she’s an idiot.

But she’s a breed of idiots in this election cycle who are spawns of Sarah.

And if you’re wondering if it’s fun writing about these nosebleeds now —– it’s going to be a blast covering their every outrageous and bat*** crazy  move (and there will be many) once they get elected.

       Meanwhile, somewhere along the Tea Party campaign trail……

       See if you can spot a pattern here:

Carl “The Thug” Paladino, the Mad-Hatter Tea Party/Republican candidate for governor of New York, threatened to “take out” a reporter.

On Monday in Nevada, Mama Grizzly shrilled “to the mainstream media —- your way of doing business is over….”

And on Monday in Alaska, Mama Grizzly’s home turf, her hand-picked tea bagger candidate Crazy Joe Miller had his goon squad “security” make a citizens’ arrest of a journalist whom they handcuffed because he got a little over-intrepid while trying to get the candidate to answer a question.

That’s the plan —– one media source (Fox Fabricated News) under one Christian right white God.

And what’s all this with Mama Grizzly questioning the testosterone levels of the disloyal opposition?

Palin, her clone Angle and her kid Sister Grizzly Christine (“Where in the Constitution does it even mention anything about the separation of church and state”) O’Donnell have all attacked their male opponents with a not-so-subtle crack at their sexual preference.

Listen for more “Man ups” and “Put your man pants on” bull-puckey from these Palintrons.

And, hey Sarah, man up, have the cojones to appear on any other news program besides Fox.

Put your womanly pantsuit on.

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