Doomsday for Democrats

        The news media has already determined the outcome of the midterm elections one week from today.

They’ve already made up their minds on not how they see it being played out, but rather how they want it to be played out.

Because they know who and what will make for better copy.

The media forecast is a political tsunami that will sweep Democrats from the House and Senate.

Maybe that’s why the whackaloons the Tea Party has given us like so many early Christmas gifts aren’t making waves one week before the midterms  — DFD (Doomsday for Democrats.)

The GOP probably has them under lock and key in Dick Cheney’s undisclosed location.

One could hear Deadeye Dick right now, “Errrgh! Make one move and you’re waterboarded!”

Some tea baggers are not below comparing President Obama to Hitler. One of their candidates, Crazy Joe Miller  of Alaska, said in order to deal with illegal immigration, America needs to build its own Berlin Wall. Quoting Crazy Joe, “If East Germany can do it, we can do it.”

There appears to be a running theme among tea baggers of using Germany when it was not exactly, shall we say, sane.

There’s nothing humorous about it. Not at all like the great Mel Brooks made millions laugh with his parody of “Springtime for Hitler” from his classic 1968 comedy “The Producers.”

If you’re not familiar with the satirical song, Google it and press the audio button to hear the real deal.

In the meantime, here’s a parody song for the tea party, sung to the tune of Mel’s H-bomb homage to you-know-who.

“Doomsday for Democrats

      “America is in a funk

Obamacare is unhealthy.

The GOP will win big on Tuesday

they’re funded by the wealthy.

Their coffers sure are rich

They’re even trying to elect a witch.

Still and all, it’s….

“Doomsday for Democrats and Pelosi.

Palin is gloating and smug.

Voters goostepping to Fox News

Look out

they could even elect Carl ‘the Thug.’

“Doomsday for Democrats and Pelosi.

Bring on Sharron Angle and Rand Paul.

Doomsday for Democrats and Pelosi —-

When the racists take over

they’re going to outlaw basketball.

      “I am not a witch. I’m you.

Except I haven’t worked since 1992.”

Don’t be a socialist, you smelly farty

Come on join the GOP Tea Party.

      “Doomsday for Democrats and Pelosi.

Someone show Harry Reid the door.

We’re taking back our country

So feel free to kick somebody poor.”

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One Response to Doomsday for Democrats

  1. Larry says:

    Do I detect a tone of resentment. I remember a few years back when the Democrats compared Bush with Hitler and that was just fine. When Obama and the Dems were in the lead in 2008 and the tide was going their way, by your logic the news media chose the winner. Politics is hardball, and the news media is out for the story. The race would have been much closer or even a Dem victory had the Obama regime and the Pelosi/Reed machine not spent us into generational debt. But, alas your post is all based upon emotion and no amount of logic will deter you from your rant. You appear to be a bitter angry boy throwing a temper tantrum. Politics ebb and flow and in no time at all the Dems will seize the imitative and will win back the House and Senate, and you will be “way happy” again. It is not the end of the world that the Republicans are now getting control, just look at history, it has been happening for over 220 years in our nation. Chin up, and have a cup of tea. It will cheer you up.

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