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W. stands for World Series

        George W. Bush is throwing out the first pitch Sunday at the start of Game 4 of the World Series that pits the Texas Rangers against the San Francisco Giants. Hopefully, nobody will throw shoes at W. Rumor also … Continue reading



        It’s no coincidence that Halloween is close to election day. Politicians trick people into voting for them —– and when they get elected they treat themselves to every perk imaginable (and go back on their word to their constituents … Continue reading


Beaming with confidence

     With the midterms just five days away, it’s looking like a given that if the Democratic Party had to take the name of a TV show it would be “Breaking Bad.” The news is even more dire for the … Continue reading


Primetime president

      President Obama was on “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart on Wednesday night. Or as Jay Leno would say, “Hee… hee.. Comedy Central, isn’t that the name of the Democratic National Committee?” Obama is indeed pulling out all the … Continue reading


Doomsday for Democrats

        The news media has already determined the outcome of the midterm elections one week from today. They’ve already made up their minds on not how they see it being played out, but rather how they want it to be … Continue reading

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The year of the woman

      ‘Twas the week before election and incumbents in the House can’t “man-up” because each one is as meek as a mouse.       The phrase “man-up” is the catch phrase of the midterm elections this time out. It’s being successfully … Continue reading


Un-American activities

        There’s a method to their madness. The Republican Party isn’t taking anything for granted. Sure, all the pundits are predicting doom for the Democrats. Political tsunami and all that. And all the polls are saying the GOP will likely … Continue reading


George W. Bush, the contest

      Did you get your Facebook questions submitted in time to enter the Win an Interview with George W. Bush Sweepstakes? The deadline was today. If you win you will be flown to Dallas and get to inteview the former president. … Continue reading

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Tea and antipathy

 “At any rate I’ll never go there again! It’s the stupidest tea-party I ever was at in all my life!” —- Alice, in the section “A Mad  Tea-Party” from “Alice in Wonderland”  by Lewis Carroll        That’s funny, you don’t … Continue reading

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Pranks for the memories

         The economy is exceeding the speed limit on its way to hell in the proverbial handbasket. People are out of work and can’t find jobs. No one wants to vote in the mid-term elections. And “Jackass 3D” was not … Continue reading

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