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The new breed

         It has been well documented this political season that there’s a lot of whackaloon candidates running for the House and Senate —- and some of them are going to win. A witch in Delaware. A guy who used to … Continue reading

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Back to basics

     The feel-good news story of the year that had most of the world cheering turned out to be all 33 miners in Chile alive and well after being rescued. The Miracle in the Mine. Even the xenophobes over at … Continue reading

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No Joy in Liberal Media-land

     Liberals can be just as annoying as conservatives. While conservatives see themselves as guardians of decency, their liberal counterparts flaunt their arrogance by being politically correct — a term liberals invented that, no matter how you slice it, screams … Continue reading

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Tea Party favors

         The cost of foreign governments trying to influence our policies by contributing money to Republican candidates funneled through the U.S. Chamber of Commerce: $75 million. The cost of GOP candidate Meg Whitman trying to become California governor: $140 million … Continue reading


Favre and friends

            Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane!            No, it’s jet packs!            Jet packs?             Last week, the birdbrains at “Fox & Friends” ran with the story that L.A. was spending $1 billion on jet packs … Continue reading


Doomsday Dems

     If you think this isn’t shaping up to be a bad year for Democrats nationwide, consider this: Lady GaGa came out ahead of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Fobes magazine’s list of the 100 Most Powerful Women.     It’s less … Continue reading

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Take the money and run

            Show the GOP the money.     It doesn’t matter where it comes from.     The more anonymous the better.     It allows the RepubliTea Party to cover its, uh, tracks.     You say there’s $75 million being contributed to Republican candidates by foreign … Continue reading


TV time out

Last week the Senate unanimously passed a resolution demanding that the FCC get TV stations to lower the volume on commercials. As everyone knows, TV commercials are louder — and more obnoxious — than the TV shows they sponsor. Barely. … Continue reading

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News and views

Snooki, the babe who puts Jersey in “The Jersey Shore” is writing a book. It’s going to be titled “The Shore Thing.” Get it? Got it? Good. Snooki was on David Letterman’s show recently and, gosh darn it, she was … Continue reading

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