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Meet the pests

      What went on behind closed doors this morning when President Obama met with the loyal opposition of incoming House Speaker John Boehner and still Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is anybody’s guess. One does wonder though if anyone was actually … Continue reading

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Their similarities are different

           Sen. John McCain is slip sliding away into dementia. On one of those Sunday news shows, the loser of the 2008 presidential election compared Mama Grizzly to Saint Ronald Reagan. Mr. McCain, surely you jest. “My friends, I never … Continue reading



      President Obama pardoned two turkeys the day before Thanksgiving. But he left a lot of other turkeys out there that there may not be any excuse for —- including members of his own party. Once again the Democrats do … Continue reading


‘North’ to Alaska

      “We’ve got to stand with our North Korean allies.” —— Sarah Palin. Put that on your Learnin’ Channel, Einsteins. Seriously, Mama Grizzly, you’ve got to stop getting your information from the library —– the George W. Bush Library. That’s right, … Continue reading

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The last dance

       Looks like Sarah Palin can add another loser she backed to her list. Mama Grizzly’s daughter, Unwed Mama Grizzly, got voted off “Dancing with the Stars” on Tuesday. And the Rapture still hasn’t happened. Palin, who knocks “American Idol” … Continue reading


The gropes of wrath

          The invasion of privacy will be televised. And on YouTube. The four words heard ’round America has become a collective shout. “Don’t touch my junk” is the successor to the “I’m as mad as hell and not going to … Continue reading

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W. builds a library

      Groundbreaking for the George W. Bush Presidential Library was held on Minday. Of course when you think of George W. Bush, the word library automatically comes to mind. This is the guy who probably asked if DC Comics could … Continue reading

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Mama Grizzly on Mars

          Mars needs women. That was the title of one of those awful 1950s sci-fi horror flicks that maybe has a cult following of one. In any event, the phrase comes to mind because of those two scientists who suggested … Continue reading


Bubba at the movies

     Ronald Reagan, the conservatives’ answer to the Second Coming, did it before he became president. Long before he got to the White House, as a matter of fact. He appeared in movies. Granted, most of them are forgettable, but … Continue reading


Northern Over-exposure

      The lame duck session of Congress is back this week. Nothing is going to get done because the Democrats have been in a lame duck session for the last two years. So now it’s  (prime) time for the race … Continue reading

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