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One tough cookie

         Sarah Palin, ain’t she sweet. She has come to the defense of cookies. Now that they’ve taken back the House, some Republicans are now “manning up” and saying —- on the record even — that Mama Grizzly cost them … Continue reading


OK, we missed you, now go away again

        Day 3 of America held hostage by George W. Bush on his book-sellin’ tour. He still has a few days left plastering his Alfred E. Neuman-looking goofy grin all over the media. The rest of this week will find … Continue reading


The book of George

        Today’s the day. Get out there and buy yourself a copy of George W. Bush’s memoir “Decision Points.” They’re selling like weapons of mass destruction in Iraq in 2002. Help make it become Number One on the New York Times’ … Continue reading


No rest for the wicked

     It’s no surprise that it didn’t take Fox News long to start living up to its new moniker and begin fabricating stories so soon after the midterm elections. The latest horse manure from Murdoch’s malignancies exploded over the conservative … Continue reading


Throw Cheney from the bus

     Good ole boy George W. Bush’s memoir “Decision Points” is due to hit bookstores on Tuesday. Conveniently one week after the midterm elections. Of course when you think of books, W.’s name comes immediately to mind. The last book … Continue reading


The aftermath

       The people didn’t just speak at the polls on Tuesday. They yelled at the top of their lungs. The headline in November 2008 when Barack Obama ascended to the presidency was “Change has come.” Two years later the headline … Continue reading

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The Fall Classic

     The Giants win the Series. The Giants win the Series. The Major League Baseball team that plays for the heathen, godless, satanic city of San Francisco — Gomorrah of the Left Coast — beat the Texas Rangers, from that … Continue reading



       Forget about TGIF. This week it’s more like TGIW. As in Thank God it’s Wednesday. That would mean the midterm elections —– our long national nightmare —– will finally be over. It will also signal the end to those … Continue reading

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