President Predictible

    File this one under, “Ya, as if we didn’t see that one coming.”

President Obama caved and gave into everything the Republicans wanted —- especially the extension of the Bush tax cuts to the richest Americans. The middle-class be damned.

How do you know the Bush tax cuts is a bad idea —– hello! it has the name Bush in front of it. 

Why did Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell say before and after the November elections that the GOP’s main goal was to make sure Obama was a one-term president. They get everything they want out of this guy.

The Republicans are Lucy from the comic strip “Peanuts” holding that football and promising hapless President Charlie Brown that they won’t move the ball out of his way, causing him to fall flat on his back.
    Good grief! He fell for it again.

During the 2008 presidential primaries, Obama took heat from Hillary Clinton when he said Reagan “changed the trajectory of America in a way that Richard Nixon did not and in a way that Bill Clinton did not” and praised the Gipper’s “rhetoric in defense of freedom.”

That’s it! Obama isn’t secretly a Muslim —- he’s secretly a Republican!

John McCain recently said that his former running mate Mama Grizzly shares similarities to Reagan. You can’t blame McCain, the old fuddy-duddy, if he got confused about what candidate in 2008 was most like the Gipper.

Consider the fact, too, that when Reagan was president in the 1980s, Obama was in his 20s —- a time when politically-minded young people are forming their ideology.

Karl Rove, the GOP’s Rasputin, told Fox Fabricates News recently that there is no clear favorite in the GOP race for presidential nominee in 2012. Not Palin. Not Romney. Not Huckabee.

Maybe Obama ought to consider a run in the loyal opposition’s camp.

OK, that’s a really big stretch. But he may have to because at the rate he’s governing —getting liberals so angry they’re threatening to write more scathing op-ed pieces in the New York Times — he may find competition in the 2012 primaries within his own party.

Maybe he could be available for heading up the Republican National Committee — the party will vote on a new leader next month.

If Reagan was the Great Communicator, Obama may well be the Great Capitulator.

Republicans are so happy with how Obama gave in to their demands they thanked him publicly —- and immediately afterwards sent out their newsletter to raise funds by subtley bragging about how they did it.

But the GOP never has to worry about getting money for candidates — they can always count on foreign countries and corporations.

While the GOP adds insult to injury to the wounded commander-in-chief, his most ardent supporters praised him for stopping the bleeding before it has the chance to start. Meaning, had these compromises not been reached now, it would’ve dragged on for months like the abysmal health care debate of 2009.

Last week the president met with Republican lawmakers to play Let’s Make A Deal. The press dubbed it The Slurpee Summit, a take an Obama stump speech last month where he remarked that the “Republicans stand around drinking Slurpees while the Democrats do all the work.” Then he said he’d hold a “Slurpee Summit” with the new Republican leadership.

Slurpees taste sweet. They even look sweet.

But progressives found this Slurpee left a bad taste in their mouth because it tasted more like chicken.



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