The compromise

     President Obama got what he wanted with his compromise with Republicans on tax cuts. The Senate overwhemingly said A-OK.

Now it goes to the House, where progressives say they will fight to change some of the provisions —- like tax breaks for the weathiest Americans.

Liberals see a metaphor with the Metrodome in Minneapolis collapsing on Sunday and Obama caving in to Republican demands.

Liberals gone wild! Hell, they may even boycott grapes!

Rumor has it that since their president was so eager to compromise with the enemy within, they may come up with a Presidential Bucket List for him —- things to do before he leaves office in 2013.

Last week the prez called out the Big Guns and had former President Bill Clinton at his side during a press conference, where Bubba went to town explaining why the Obama-GOP compromise was all-important.

As usual, Bubba controlled the room — overshadowing even the charismatic Obama.

But what were some of the folks at that press conference thinking —- especially when Clinton droned on and on?

Things overheard at the Obama-Clinton press conference:

1. “Clinton is undressing me with his eyes.”

2. “OK, so this is heavy news —- but they need to have W. up there with them for some comic relief.”

3. “Obama and Clinton. More like Tax and Spend.”

4. “Let’s ask them if they’ll close with a song. Somebody suggest ‘Ebony and Ivory.’ “

5. “The only way to get Clinton to stop talking is to leave a trail of interns heading out the door.”

     More things that make you go “huh?”

     The Yale Librarian —- whoever that is —– said the quote of 2010 is “I’m not a witch.”

Of course this was Yale University speaking —- where W. was a cheerleader and where he actually graduated. That ought to give credence to the phrase consider the source.

The quote — not as popular since the Winston-Salem witch trials of 1692 — was mercifully ridiculed by comedians everywhere. 

More DOA (Dumbing-Down Of America) seems to be in play here. Not long ago, Mama Grizzly’s gaffe of the word repudiate turned out to be refudiate and it was named the best new word of 2010.

The people behind these selections must be the same ones who came up with the billboard of ol’ W. —- the Yale Cowboy — with the words “Miss me yet?”

W.’s malapropisms have opened the door for all things misunderestimated.

Bush speak is alive and well and being regurgitated as Palin speak.

Losing candidates who were unqualified to be in the Senate and admit to having dabbled in witchcraft get a book deal.

Millions of people actually believe Fox Fabricates News is fair and balanced —- and that a college education is elitist.

Mission accomplished, by George!


    John McCain was on the Senate floor Wednesday barking about earmarks and asking his fellow lawmakers “have we been stricken with amnesia?”

Not recorded was McCain minutes after that grandstanding telling anyone who will listen to him anymore that he doesn’t recall ever referring to himself as a maverick, that there was an attack on the United States while George W. Bush was president, and that for the life of him he can’t remember selecting a narcissistic nitwit as a running mate in 2008.


       Rael, founder and leader of the International Raelian Movement, has awarded the title of Honorary Guide to WikiLeaks freak Julian Assange.

“Julian Assange needs our energy and support so he can continue to destroy the myth of honest political leaders,” Rael said in a speech in Japan.

Why Japan? Raelians are there to celebrate the 37th anniversary of Rael’s encounter with the extraterrestrial scientists who created life on earth.

What kind of present goes with a 37th anniversary like that? Gold? Silver? Your first born?

Extraterrestrial scientists created life on Earth, huh?

That explains Cleveland.

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