Twenty-Ten for a song, Part 2

          The last entry to this blog was a tribute in song to 2010.

Well, words that could be put to music. Specifically to the song “My Favorite Things” —– which has a kind of easy rhythm to it that makes you want to sing along.

If you’re not familiar with the tune —- then the terrorists have won.

OK, not true. But google somebody singing it, or ask your parents to hum the tune for you. Just a couple of bars, and then you can say “alright, already” because you’ll get the gist.

The year coming to an end in a few hours had so much going for it that it deserves another round of lyrics to be sung to the aforementioned song.

Here then, “Twenty-Ten for a song, Part 2.”


“Tea Party fared well in the midterm election.

Few think America’s headed in the right direction.

Obama and Hillary voted “most admired again.”

No mosque at Ground Zero in Twenty-Ten.”


       “Times Square bomber left the keys in his car.

Everyone was broke but paid to see “Avatar.”

iPads, tainted eggs, Lindsay’s in rehab again.

J.D. Salinger passed away in Twenty-Ten.



          “The Icelandic volcano,

GM’s comeback,

who knew Ricky Martin was gay?

Fear and loathing in Twenty-Ten

let the lunatic fringe have its way.”


                 (second verse)



        “GOP couldn’t stop the START Treaty.

Ageless Betty White is America’s new sweetie.

Crazy pastor threatens to burn some Korans.

In Twenty-Ten everybody desired Facebook fans.


       “Giants win World Series but ratings are dismal.

Brett Favre sexting sent us for the Pepto-Bismal.

McCartney at the White House singing “Hey Jude.”

In 2010 it wasn’t funny unless it was crude.


        “World Cup Soccer,

the Indonesian smoking baby,

man-up, Harry Reid.

It’s finally the end to Twenty-Ten

but not to Americans still in need.”


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