The sad day

      The young year is already tarnished by a tragedy. Unfortunately, shooting rampages like the one in Tucson, Arizona, on Saturday are becoming old news.

Arizona. The wild, wild West. Where it seems like everyone gets a free gun with every purchase of a tank of gas.

There’s nothing wrong with guns —- except when they easily end up in the wrong hands.

If the truth be told, it’s too bad one of those pistol-packin’ Arizonans wasn’t in the crowd to smoke the S.O.B. while he was killing people and attempting to assassinate Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

Go Jack Ruby on the homicidal maniac.

No jury would convict him.

In fact, it’s too bad this slug, whose name will not be mentioned in this blog, didn’t off himself like many of these rampage lunatics do. Now we have to see that slimeball with that smug look plastered on his face over TV news until the twelfth of never.

There are no answers as to why this tragedy happened. But there certainly is enough blame to go around as to what triggered this lunatic.

The left is blaming the right for the toxic rhetoric and violent imagry used against politicians —- which escalated the moment after Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States.

Let’s face it, the liberal Democrats and Democrats in general have been the targets of toxic rhetoric. Nary a Republican. And the Republicans and their right wing overlords went immediately into their defense mode after the tragedy.

A sure sign somebody’s guilty —- or trying to get out in front of the story.

The inflammatory language and imagry probably didn’t influence this whack job. Or the fact that the liberal news media kept reporting on it to remind him.

Still, Rush Limbaugh was quick to blame the Democrats and the media —- spewing some such garbage as they don’t want to prosecute the killer, but rather the conservative movement.

This Oxtcontin Oracle can’t stop inciting —- he hated it when everybody rallied around victims of the Haiti earthquake last year. Now he’s doing it again. One would expect nothing less from someone who is already dead inside.

Rush Limbaugh: America’s bully.

Toxic rhetoric has no place in a God-fearing, God-loving country where civility should be a sacrament.

But here’s a greatest hit list that could be taken the wrong way by whack jobs like the Tucson shooter. All delivered in some form or another by a continuing cast of characters on Fox News:

1. During the 2008 presidential campaign, on more than one occasion at a John McCain-Sarah Palin rally, people in the crowd shouted “shoot him” when then-candidate Barack Obama’s name was mentioned.

2. Michele Bachmann, GOP Congresswoman from Minnesota: “I want Minnesotans to be armed and dangerous.”

3. Sharron Angle, losing GOP Senate candidate from Nevada: “The nation is arming itself.” And, people should use their 2nd Amendment rights if we don’t get what we want this election.

4. Newt Gingrich: The Obama administration is more dangerous than the Nazis.

5. Tea Party activists and birthers and deathers (oh, my!): Obama’s health care reform includes death panels. Obama is a Muslim. Obama is not one of us. Obama wasn’t born in the United States.

6. GOP Tea Party losing candidate for governor of New York Carl Paladino —- on camera — told a reporter he was going to “take him out!”

7. Anti-Obamaites: Take our country back. Emphasis on the word take —- as if force was necessary.

8. At a GOP/Tea Party candidate for Senator from Kentucky Rand Paul event, his goons prevented a woman from asking him a question by wrestling her to the ground and keeping a foot on her head.

9. “Obama pals around with terrorists”

10. “Don’t retreat! Reload!”

Numbers nine and 10 were regurgitated time and again by Sarah Palin. She was quiet for four days after the tragedy because she was being blamed by the liberal media for toxic imagry —- gun cross-hairs on a map of the U.S. targeting Democratic candidates, including Giffords.

In fact, there is video from last March in which Giffords was saying that she was “targeted” by Palin and that kind of violent imagry could be taken the wrong way by unstable minds.

Palin’s people quickly took the website down and tried to convince the public that those weren’t gun cross-hairs but surveyors’ marks. Not even a nice try, Mama Grizzly. Rather amateurish. So below your station.

Anyway it was fun thinking that for a few days Palin was squirming —- retribution for all those mean-spirited attacks on people who don’t live in her real America.

But she came back with an 8-minute video on Wednesday addressing the tragedy.

It took her a few days to reload.

In that Facebook speech, Palin looked polished and all show-bizzy. Nice Americana background. And Palin impressive reading from a teleprompter. Wait, a teleprompter! Thought only socialist Muslim-loving not American-born presidents did that.

What will be remembered most about her speech is how she had to get off the real subject at hand on how we as Americans come together whenever a tragedy hits close to home —- and how she had to go and make it all about her.

She accused her critics of “blood libel.” Remember those words, because they will be best remembered whenever — if ever — Palin’s speech is discussed.

Definition of the phrase “blood libel”: “refers to a false accusation or claim that religious minorities, almost always Jews, murder children to use their blood in certain aspects of their religious rituals and holidays. Historically, these claims have been a major theme in European persecution of Jews.”

Palin was not believable attempting a kumbaya: NRA style.

What was convincing in this tragedy were the humble heroes who rose to greatness by stopping the homicidal maniac from killing any further.

And to Daniel Hernandez, who had been working as an intern for Giffords only a week. Hernandez saved the congresswoman’s life by using his healing hands to stop the bleeding that a bullet to her head induced.

A man of Latino heritage saving the life of a white person in Arizona — the hate state with its anti-immigration laws.

The Lord works in mysterious ways.

But life can be cruel. One of the six people killed that day was Christina Green, a nine-year-old who was interested in politics and was going to the political event to see and listen to a potential role model in Congresswoman Giffords.

Christina was born on 9-11. And she died on the day of another American tragedy. A cruel fate. A life bookended by tragedies.

Those who are faithless will ask how can a God do such a thing to a child.

Believers might answer that it was a sign. Maybe that a child shall lead us.

That maybe we better start listening to the better angels of our angels.

Pundits will say that it’s the proverbial wake-up call.

How many more of those are we going to get anyway?

It might not be morning in America anymore.

Maybe it’s getting so late that it’s after hours and America is in a bar and it’s getting that much closer to last call.

This massacre doesn’t signal the end of times.

Unfortunately, it probably doesn’t signal a new beginning either.

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