Weekend at the NFL

      The NFL games played over the weekend had a lot of good news/bad news going for them.

The good news is the New England Patriots are out. The team with the best record in the regular season and homefield advantage throughout the playoffs are one and done.

More importantly, no more sportscasters swooning over Patriots QB Tom Brady. And no more arrogance to the nth degree from Pats coach Bill “Smile, darn ya, smile” Belichick.

The bad news is there’s another week of sound bites from Jets blowhard coach Rex Ryan.

The good news is the Pittsburgh Steelers are going to host the AFC Championship game on Sunday.

That’s bad news for the J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets.

The good news is Ryan will finally have to shut up and America will be spared from having to hear him every day for the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl.

The good news is the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers are in the NFC Title game on Sunday.

The way it should be —- smash-mouth football in the Norris Division. The oldest rivalry in the NFL. Just give us some snow and freezing temps and it will be perfect football. The game will take care of itself. Should be a humdinger.

Meanwhile, the Seattle Seahawks showed why they were a 7-9 team during the regular season.

At the same time, the Monsters of the Midway, who pretty much had the game in hand, still made some bonehead play calling decisions.

Great George Halas’ ghost!

What were you guys thinking suddendly going to the wildcat option when you had a steady rhythmn going there on offense? Turns out it resulted in a Seahawks pick and an eventual score.

That’s not gamesmanship, it’s showoffmanship.

    Get even, don’t get mad:
    Immediately after his team pulled off the stunning upset, Jets linebacker Bart Scott went berserko grande on the Patriots, telling the TV sports reporter on the sidelines that the Jets D was “disrespected” and that the Patriots D — ranked 25th in the league — was so bad “They can’t stop a nosebleed!”

Bart, you won. Lighten up. You were supposed to leave your anger on the field.

Great Weeb Eubanks’ ghost!

   And they’re on their way to stairway to seven:
        Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark had a monster game against the Baltimore Ravens on Saturday. He forced a Ravens fumble and he picked off a Joe Flacco pass.

Carter said Monday that “God was with me.”

Mr. Carter, God does not play favorites.

Still, it makes you wonder. The Steelers are on their way to a seventh Super Bowl title. And the Steelers did start their run for their first title in the 1970s with Franco Harris’ “immaculate reception.”

I’m just saying….

The Steelers won’t need any divine intervention against the Jets. No matter what angle their bombastic coach takes. Ryan made it personal last week against Belichick, who always beat Ryan. And he made it personal the week before that against the Colts’ pitchman QB Peyton Manning, who always beat Ryan teams.

What’s he going to take personally against the Steelers? Doesn’t seem to have a personal vendetta. The Jets won the regular season contest in Pittsburgh 22-17. Which means squat, since the second match-up between the Jets and Pats in the regular season saw the New York team get pummeled 45-3.

More importantly, in that game against the Steelers, strong safety Troy Polamalu was side-lined.

And that was huge.

Besides, unlike the Patriots, the Steelers have a QB who not only could move outside the pocket, but can make plays happen when you swear there was nothing there.

And the Steelers have some deep threats. The television audience was introduced to a rookie deep threat the other day in one Antonio Brown.

Meanwhile, the Steeler D needs no introduction.

Rex Ryan may be getting good press for what the New York bias sportswriters call genius defensive coaching.

But he’s no match for the mind of Steelers’ Hall of Famer Dick LeBeau.

The Jets are going to be in for a long day. Look for the Steelers to have a comfortable lead at halftime and then put the game away midway through the fourth quarter.

Da Bears and Da Steelers would be a great Super Bowl match up, but the Bears aren’t going to get past the Packers. Although the game will be close. Packers QB Aaron Rodgers is on fire and Bears QB Jay Cutler — although he played inspired ball against the Seahawks — is likely to be the exact opposite should the Pack get off to a comfortable lead and the Bears have to play catch-up.

That means it will be a Steelers-Packers Super Bowl.

And it will be a hell of a contest.

So who will win?

Let’s put it this way: No one with the first name of Aaron will ever win a Super Bowl.

Great Curly Lambeau’s ghost!

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One Response to Weekend at the NFL

  1. paul C in PA says:

    One overrated, overhyped QB down…the next one squarely in Harrison/Polamalu/Woodley/Hood’s sights. Sanchez won’t hold up under the pressure…not enough talent, physically or mentally. Steeler’s QB and 5 or 6 talented receivers + Mendenhall will be too much.

    Personally, I’m hoping for the Bears, but I’d love to have the Steelers D punish Rodgers…cocky just like Brady. Revvin’ for SEVEN in da Burgh !!!!

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