The new Cheney

      Deadeye Dick Cheney was back in the news this week. He talked about his Mr. Roboto heart machine that keeps him snearing.

Dick also said he’s considering a heart transplant. Which is futile, since he’s come this far without one.

A heart that is.

Dick-O came off a little less ruthless in the interview that, believe it or not, wasn’t on Fox.

He sort of complimented President Obama for the way he handled the Tucson tragedy. But that was the extent of it. He quickly gave more emphasis to the notion he believes Obama will be a one-term president.

Listen to Dickie, why don’t you. Has he ever sneared —- uh, steered us wrong?

Wasn’t he right about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction?

OK, except for that minor detail.

But the new trimmed down Cheney could be getting other gigs in movies and on TV instead of being vicious on news talk shows.

Jiminy Crickets, W.’s one-time Defense Secretary Donald “Don’t call me Rummy” Rumsfeld was offered a role playing himself in an episode of the popular TVdrama “The Good Wife.”

He turned it down.

Rumor had it that after the patron saint of conservatism Ronald Reagan left office, he was offered the role of Prune Face in the movie version of the comic strip character “Dick Tracy.”

There is also no truth to the rumor that Cheney turned down a reoccuring role on the hip TV series “The Walking Dead.”

Still, there could be some movies re-titled out there fit for Cheney’s purposes. Such as:

1. “National Lampoon’s Undisclosed Location”

2. “From Snear to Eternity”

3. “I Was a Fugitive from a Cheney Gang”

4. “Some like it Shot”

5. “The Fear of Living Dangerously (in Obama’s America)”

6. “My Favorite Snear”

7. “The Best Fears of Our Lives”

8. “Waterboarding World”

9. “The Crotchety Kid”

10. “Iraq to the Future”


Things overheard at the State Dinner at the White House for Chinese President Hu:

1. “It was rude of Speaker of the House Boehner to snub the event and then ask someone to get him take-out.”

2. “I thought Boehner was threatened by Rush Limbaugh and was afraid to show up at an event hosted by Obama. Hey, that would make Boehner an Orange Chicken!”

3. “Yo Yo Ma is performing. Speaking of yo-yos, did you read W.’s memoirs?”

4. “Palin isn’t here — but she shot the food.”

5. “I heard there’s going to be a lottery number drawn and the winner gets to go to China to visit our money.”

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