Cheeseheads vs. Beerheads

          Super Bowl 45 could go by the moniker Blue Collar Bowl.

Two storied franchises whose fans are the lunch pail crowd.

But when it’s all said and done, it will be another day at the office for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Been there. Done that. Let’s do it again.

Almost to the top of the Stairway to Seven.

The Green Bay Packers will give the Steelers a good game, but this will be reminiscent of one of those Super Bowls back in the 1970s when the Steelers and Cowboys hooked up (and the Steelers always won.)

It will come down to this: the Packers will be down by 4 points and need a touchdown to win and have two minutes to get it done. But they’ll come up short. Final score: Steelers 31, Packers 27.

In the meantime, it will be two weeks of hype leading up to the game.

Cheesheads vs. Beerheads.

Is this a great country or what?.

Best thing about the next two weeks of Super Bowl hype: No Jets head coach Rex Ryan flapping his gums.

And no Joe Namath talking about the 1969 Super Bowl win while he’s on the sidelines hitting on a sports reporter babe from Telemundo.

Best scene from Sunday’s AFC Championship game: Rex Ryan flinging off his headsets violently to the ground and dropping the F-bomb when Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger hooked up with rookie Antonio Brown for a first down that sealed the deal with just under two minutes to play.

Worst scene from the game: Early in the contest on the sidelines, Jets QB Mark Sanchez picking his nose and wiping it on backup QB Mark Brunell’s jacket.

Also being picked on was Bears QB Jay Cutler, who took himself out of the NFC title game against the Pack because he said he had a leg injury.

That didn’t sit well with fans of da Bears in the Windy City.  Fans were burning Cutler’s jersey in effigy.

Cutler looked uninterested in the game while on the sidelines. And he didn’t look like he was injured. He could’ve been discussing the game with coaches and players on the sidelines. Especially talking things over with third string quarterback Caleb Haine, who filled in well by tossing two TD passes. Unfortunately he had a pick 6 from Packers nose tackle B.J. Raji, which was the deciding score in the game. Raji, who fancies himself “Refrigerator” Perry from the Bears’ Super Bowl winning team, calls himself the Freezer. He’s sure to be a popular figure in the next two weeks with the media.

The Bears couldn’t pull this one out against the Packers — and it’s probably better that they didn’t, because they wouldn’t have had a starting QB for the Super Bowl. Or Cutler either.

Somewhere in Chicago, Bartman is breathing a sigh of relief. He was the guy who got his mitts on the foul ball in that Cubs game against the Marlins way too long ago. But Cubs fans have a long memory for people to blame for their teams’ mistakes. And Cutler is now the most hated player in da Bears Nation. 

Neither Big Ben nor Aaron “Don’t call me Ginger” Rodgers had their best games on Sunday. In fact they had a few similarities — both ran for rushing TDs and both tossed two interceptions.

But Ben saved his best pass for last —- and it wasn’t in a bar. Bar-um-boom.
      There will be many storylines in the next two weeks before the kickoff in Dallas.

1. Big Ben’s redemption.

2. Rodgers succeeding Brett Favre in Green Bay and making it to the Super Bowl. Which means more Favre than we want to see anymore.

3. The Pittsburgh connection on the Packers team: Head coach Mike McCarthy is a Pittsburgh native. And Packers defensive guru Dom Capers was once defensive coordinator with the Steelers.

4. Titletown vs. the Team with the most Super Bowl Titles.

5. Which assistant coach on either team is being talked about as having a good chance of being interviewed for a head coaching position on another NFL team or college team.

6. What player will get arrested the night before the game? There ought to be a game of some sort made out of this one. Win, place and show at least.

7. Does anybody really watch the halftime show?

8. Since Fox is covering the game, will Glenn Beck sing the National Anthem?

OK, maybe not that one.

In the interim, players from the Steelers and Packers who were on Super Bowl winning teams will more than likely be interviewed. Bart Starr. Jack Lambert. “Frenchie” Fuqua!

And maybe some of the present day players as well. The Mannings, Drew Brees, T.O.

Maybe even Mark Sanchez.

Advice to the sportscaster doing that interview: Don’t ask him to pick.

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One Response to Cheeseheads vs. Beerheads

  1. paul C in PA says:

    When Steeler Nation hoists number 7, I would love to see James Harrison accept the trophy from Roger Goodell. I think it would be fun to see the commissioner soil himself.

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