The Palin fix

        Where have you gone Mama Grizzly, a nation just can’t get enough of you.

Dana Milbank of the Washington Post is declaring a Palin-free February.

Not so much because he doesn’t want to keep hearing from the narcissistic nitwit, but because he admits to having an addiction to everything Palin.

OK, even a guy who is with the media is blaming the media for it’s continuous fascination from Gov. Quitter.

There is some truth to that, but the media always follows the celeb of the moment, secretly hoping for a train wreck.

And you can call Sarah Palin anything, but don’t call her media shy.

So it’s give and take here.

The media, and certain bloggers who shall remain nameless (see above), can’t help but write about the “say anything to make yourself the news story” would-be presidential candidate.

Anybody like Palin who makes news just to make news deserves be called out and ridiculed.

Her addiction to the media feeds our addiction to her. And it’s fun to write about her. Almost 100 percent of the time what she says is idiotic, and sometimes dangerous.

But she’s got style —- and personality.

Name a Democrat who can match that.

Hell, name a Republican.

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele “They’re coming to take me away, ha! ha!” Bachmann is a pint-sized Palin. In height and in stature.

Clearly she is more dangerous with her rhetoric than Palin, who at least has better speechwriters.

Palin is whacky. In a cartoonish kind of way. She keeps being told that she has to show more substance. That’s not in her DNA. And it’s below her pay grade. She is all style.

Bachmann is borderline lunatic.

Palin is a professional tease —-  leading the media on a short leash as to will she or won’t she run for president.

Bachmann can’t even keep the media guessing will she or won’t she run.

Hell, it looks like she’s threatening to throw her tiny frame and big pie hole into the ring.

Bachmann gave the Tea Party response to President Obama’s State of the Union address on Tuesday.

It wasn’t taken seriously (except on Fox Fabricates News, which wrote, produced and directed it.)

And it wasn’t talked about, dissected, or quoted.

Worst of all, it wasn’t even fodder for TV comics.

How unimportant is Bachmann? Palin hasn’t said a word and is still getting more TV coverage.

Imagine if Palin gave the GOP or Tea Party retort.

She would’ve come up with another two or three words that would’ve been good for at least two news cycles.

Speaking of a few memorable Palinesque words, we haven’t heard much from her since her “blood libel” debacle.  She’s been flying under the radar.

The made-for-TV, reading from a teleprompter, in the comfort of her humble abode but not sincere in her delivery speech about the Tucson tragedy poorly timed because it was delivered on the same day the president was speaking to the nation from the city where the tragedy went down.

Not to worry. She’ll be back. She’s just reloading.

She’s not through. In fact, she won one recently without even trying: Keith Olbermann is no longer on MSNBC.

Palin once said she thought he looked like the devil.

Olbermann was a great Palin nemesis. And vice versa.

So what can Olbermann do now that he’s no longer on “Countdown”? Well…

1. Run for Senate on the platform that he once dabbled in witchcraft.

2. Host a reality TV show called “So You Think You Can Hold Down a Job.”

3. Become a golden-voice announcer drifter.

4. Move to Ireland, get a TV show and speak with an Irish accent. Then write a book about it and title it “Going Brogue.”

5. Move to Alaska where his giant head can hover over the airspace so Palin can see it from her house.

  They owe each other that much.

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