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Super hype

         Super Bowl 45 is less than a week away, sports monsters. It’s hype week, starting Tuesday with media day. Fox will cover the game —- so get ready for “there’s a statistic for everything when it comes to the … Continue reading

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Mike & Michele

      It’s the first full day of America having to come to grips with Mike Pence announcing that he won’t seek the Republican nomination for president in 2012. Why? Why? (note: weep like John Boehner when asking that)     Well, because … Continue reading


The Palin fix

        Where have you gone Mama Grizzly, a nation just can’t get enough of you. Dana Milbank of the Washington Post is declaring a Palin-free February. Not so much because he doesn’t want to keep hearing from the narcissistic nitwit, … Continue reading

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Oscar nods and odds

      The Oscar nominations were announced on Tuesday. Sure, nothing for “Little Fockers.” No big surprises —- “The King’s Speech” received the most nods with 12. But this year it should be a foregone conclusion as to what movie will … Continue reading


Cheeseheads vs. Beerheads

          Super Bowl 45 could go by the moniker Blue Collar Bowl. Two storied franchises whose fans are the lunch pail crowd. But when it’s all said and done, it will be another day at the office for the Pittsburgh … Continue reading

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Olbermann signs off

           “Countdown” to unemployment.        Keith Olbermann, the acerbic and cerebral host of the MSNBC news/commentary program that was the other side of the demigod coin to Bill O’Reilly’s “Factor” and a thorn in the side of Fox News, signed off … Continue reading

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The new Cheney

      Deadeye Dick Cheney was back in the news this week. He talked about his Mr. Roboto heart machine that keeps him snearing. Dick also said he’s considering a heart transplant. Which is futile, since he’s come this far without … Continue reading

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What’s in a name

         Comics are having a field day making fun of the president of China’s name —– Hu. The old “Hu’s on first” chestnut is roasting on the open bonfires of the insanities again. “Hu’s the presient of China.” “I don’t … Continue reading


Weekend at the NFL

      The NFL games played over the weekend had a lot of good news/bad news going for them. The good news is the New England Patriots are out. The team with the best record in the regular season and homefield … Continue reading

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In no Rush to get to civility

         That civility thing. More hopey and changey wussy stuff from President Positive. Nice message the other night there at that memorial in Tucson for the victims of the shooting rampage. How long do you think that’s going to last? … Continue reading

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