Fox has got you covered

      Sports and entertainment week continues.

The always entertaining media day with the players from the two Super Bowl squads went off with even ESPN getting in on the fun.

The sports entertainment network poked fun at the event with ridiculous questions of their own (among themselves.)

First question: If Aaron Rodgers of the cheesehead Packers could be a cheese what kind would he be?

The answer not given was: On Monday, Rodgers will be called Limberger should he stink up the joint on Super Sunday.

Question 2: is Big Ben the clock in England more important to what it represents than Big Ben Roethlisberger is as QB for the Steelers?

The answer not given could have been yes Big Ben the clock always tells the right time while the Steelers’ Big Ben is clutch all of the time. And one of them is a clock blocker.

Joining sports and entertainment will be politics. Of course it has already. President Obama said he was considering attending the Super Bowl if the Chicago Bears got there.

If that had been the case, Fox News would’ve riled up their masses by saying the Chicago play-for-pay criminality would make sure that the fix was in.

Speaking of Fox Fabricates News, Obama will sit down and talk with Bill O’Reilly sometime during the endless hours of pre-game on Sunday.

Good thing the game wasn’t being played in Detroit, because then it could really have meaning when saying Obama is going into the Lion’s Den.

Don’t expect much civility from Baba O’Reilly. In fact, here are a few questions he’s not above asking the prez:

1. “Did you watch much American football when you were growing up in Kenya?”

2. “If your health care plan was an NFL team, would it be the Carolina Panthers or the Cleveland Browns?”

3. “Is it true you’re referring to the Packers as The Midterm Election Democrats because they’re going to take a ‘shellacking’?”

4. “Is there any truth to the rumor you wanted your State of the Union Address to be called ‘The King’s Speech’?”

5. “Really, who would be tougher to stop going up the middle, Janet Reno or Rosie O’Donnell?”

       And now, the Sarah Palin interview you won’t see or hear on Fox:

“Turmoil in the Middle East. Obama’s Iranian hostage crisis? Just asking. More comparisons to Jimmy Carter? You decide. More on that later on Fox, but first this: the government is telling us how much salt we can intake. Gov. Palin, what say you?”

Palin: “Hokey smokes! I thought President Reagan put the kibosh on the SALT Treaty years ago. First sugar, now salt. What’s next, salsa?”

“Indeed. Which team are you rooting for in this year’s Super Bowl?”

Palin: “Well, like Michael Vick, I’ve got no dog in this fight. But since President Obama has shown his preference for the Steelers because he made their owner Mickey Rooney the ambassador to the continent of Ireland, I’ll go with Green Bay.”

“So you’re not really a football fan?”

Palin: Jeepers, yes! But high school football. That’s big in Alaska. So is Get Your GED Football, to a lesser degree. It’s Friday night lights rootin’ for the hometeam, the Wasilla Meth-heads.”

“Speaking of the president, you attacked his State of the Union Address pretty harshly.”

Palin: “A real WTF moment — can’t stop comparing that ‘Win the Future’ hopey and changey stuff he was saying to acronyms that also have the initials WTF.”

“So you like acronymns?”

Palin: “You bet’cha! Especially after someone told me what the heck they were. I thought an acronym was the name they give people who live in Akron, Ohio.”

“What did you think of his phrase ‘Our Sputnik moment’?”

Palin: “Again, what is with this guy? America is supposed to have a moment named for one of the characters on ‘The Jetsons’? Maybe it’s me, but I just don’t get it.”

“So will you watch the Super Bowl?”

Palin: “Oh, I guess so. But mostly for the commercials.”

“We at Fox were hoping we’d see you in one.”

Palin: “I had many offers. Turned all of them down. Especially that one with Christine O’Donnell and Meg Whitmman.”

“Really. We hadn’t heard of that one. How did it go?”

Palin: “Oh, something like Christine saying “I’m not a witch.” And then Meg saying “But I am rich.” To which I would say, “I’ve got you both beat, I’m a —–“

“Ah, we get the point.”

Palin: “What? I was supposed to add “a spunky frontierswoman with an itch — to run for president.”  What were you thinking?”

“Ahh, that you’re a great American.”

Palin: “It’s the only job I most enjoy doing.”

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