Steelers and strippers

          Get the game going already.

Enough of the hype.

Super Bowl hype week was lackluster —- especially with the media trying to create controversy when there was no there… there.

On Thursday, the sports media kept talking about what a non-story Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger going to a piano bar was and then spent time getting comments from players and former players about what a non-story it was.

The so-called media —- especially the obnoxious TMZ — tried all week to make Ben the center of controversy. Looking for a villain because they’re more interesting to cover than the bland gunslinger in the white hat Packers QB Aaron Rodgers.

But hey, it’s been reported that women are wearing Rodgers’ jersey number. So he’s the Tom Brady substitute of this Super Bowl.

The hype around the non-controversy started earlier in the week when the media found out that Hines Ward and Ike Taylor of the Steelers were out on the town and spotted at a “Gentlemen’s Club.”

Sports and entertainment reporters were trying to make a big deal out of this one, too.

Until the game starts, the news angle is always what will be the biggest distraction for one team or the other.

The politically correct wusses in the media who are always trying to put the kibosh on anything guys like to do were at it again. The politically correct thing to do was what —stay in the motel room and watch “Glee”?

So some Steelers patronized a strip club. And, OK, so it gives a whole ‘nother meaning to the term tailgate party.

Guys just want to have fun. It would’ve been fun, too, had some of the “performance artists” at the club took on names of Steelers and other NFL players.

“Gentlemen, give it up for:

1. “Bouncey Pouncey!”

2. “JoHannah Montana!”

3. “Helen of Troy!”

4. “Butkiss!”

5. “Lott of Roni!”

6. “Mai A. Tittle!”

7. “Hiney Ward!”

8. “Pert Warner!”

9. “Bella Chick!”

10. “HedyLaMarr Woodley!”

        Things overheard at the strip club:

1. “You guys know Charlie Sheen?”

2. “Read any good books lately?”

3. “What player do you think will be in rehab this time next year?”

4. “No Brett Favre isn’t with us —- but he left you a message.”

5. “Is Clay Matthews’ favorite song ‘Dude Looks Like a Lady’?”

6. “I thought Flozell was that actor…”

7. “Ya, Rex Ryan just left. Couldn’t interest him in anything but a foot massage.”

8. “What do you mean charge it to Roger Goodell?”

9. “Why do I always laugh when I hear some player pulled a groin?”

10. “Curfew, smerfew — what are we in Egypt?!”

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