Huckabee stops making sense

   Guess it’s about time we ought to be taking Mike Huckabee seriously as a GOP candidate for president in 2012.

You might think it’s because he’s ahead of the pack in the most recent GOP straw poll.

But no.

It’s because he’s had a full week of saying idiotic things.

Earlier in the week it was more nonsense about President Obama not being born in the U.S.

More about that later. Huckabee’s latest nonsense is slamming recent Oscar winner Natalie Portman for being pregnant out of wedlock.

Does the name Bristol Palin ring a bell, Mikey?

Unwed Mama Grizzly gets a pass, apparently, because, what, she’s the daughter of the One Who Must Be Obeyed? She’s a Republican? Or maybe because she’s a Christian?

Portman gets the knock because she’s a Hollywood star who got knocked up. Damn hethens.

And she’s in the limelight because she just won an Oscar.

It’s not like the daddy is Roman Polanski.

Too bad, Huckabee was almost making sense there for a while as a viable opponent to Obama in 2012.

Then he drank the Kool-Aid stirred up by Fox Fabricates News and Rush to Judgment.

Mikey got caught up in the Obama spent his childhood in Kenya and other birther nonsense with some conservative radio host (too numerous to name) earlier in the week.

By mid-week, Huckabee couldn’t stop the nonsense —– basically because he was on with Baba O’Rielly.

The talk betwen the two birdbrains came to a conclusion with Huckabee saying Obama is un-American because he wasn’t in the Boy Scouts.

The mind boggles.

Here might be some other unremarkable statements Huckabee could convince the faint of mind to believe why President Obama is un-American:

1. He never put baseball cards in the spokes of his bicycle.

2. He never admitted at any time that he was “coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs.”

3. He grew up in Hawaii (allegedly) and preferred pineapple upside down cake to Mom’s apple pie.

4. He never even attempted to see the USA in a Chevrolet.

5. After graduating at the top of his class at Harvard, he actually turned down a job on Wall Street to work with poor people.

6. He never read a copy of Reader’s Digest cover-to-cover.

7. He spent time in libraries learnin’ stuff — in the summertime, instead of playing Little League!

8. He stinks at bowling.

9. Never played recklessly with firecrackers.

10. He not only eats quiche, he can prepare it.

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