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        Now that Glenn Beck’s show won’t be on Fox News by the time the year ends, he’s got to announce that he’s running for the Republican nomination for president in 2012.

A recent poll showed that Donald Trump is running second behind Mitt Romney for the nomination.

 Actually, that would be the ideal GOP ticket in 2012.

Both men have a thing going with their hair. Romney uses whatever, and whatever that thing is on Trump’s head God only knows.

They’re both millionaires.

Trump runs beauty pageants. And Romney looks like he could be the emcee of one of them.

But back to the Beckster.

His followers, ye Beckerwoods, have to be going crazy over the news. Well, crazy is as crazy does. So they’re used to the lunacy.

He’d get a lot of votes. The primaries would be fun. Although you can’t really debate Beck because he is a debate.

There are many reasons why his show won’t be on Fox News when the time comes —- a lot of it has to do with sponsors leaving his show and sinking ratings.

One might expect that he has run his course. He and Sarah Palin both. Haven’t heard much from her except the same old song. If it was a Beatles remake it would be “The Long and Whining Road (to the White House)”

They had their glory days in the first two years of the Obama administration leading up to the midterm elections. And for the most part, they did their job.

The media that they so crave chewed them up and spit them out. They’re no longer flavors of the month.

One might also expect, though, that they’ll be back. They’re too much the gift that keeps on giving. And one never gets tired of that.

So it’s Beck for president. Why not? No one in the GOP seems to be taking it seriously.

And Beck could certainly out-whackaloon Michele Bachmann. It might need a recount, but he’d win in a squeaker.

Reasons why Beck is leaving his show:

1. He needs to spend more face time with God.

2. Fox News found out , “Hey, he’s making up a lot of this stuff as he goes along.”

3. Roger Ailes wants to replace Beck with a younger man, so Fox can capture that 18 to 25 year old demographic.

So say hello to Charlie Sheen!

4. Beck’s going to try to purchase a space shuttle and bring the chosen Beckerwoods with him back to his planet .

5. Not crazy enough for Fox.

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