Barbour couldn’t cut it

     In the get out before you get in department, the lackluster Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour bowed out of the field of equally lackluster candidates for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination.

The porcine Barbour said he lacked the “fire in the belly” to run.

He didn’t mention no one wants to finance his run.

Or that he lacks charisma for the run.

Or that no one was interested in his running unless they’re inbred-still-fighting-the-Civil War goobers from Mississippi.

What a Southern-fried-chicken-to-run cracker.

Maybe he’d be happier being a possible vice presidential candidate. Not much fire in the belly needed for that job.

Think of it: The Donald can pick Barbour for a running mate and the ticket can be referred to as “Trump and Gump.”

Haley. A name that doesn’t sound very presidential, do it? It’s such a girly-man name not even a Democrat would take it.

Too bad. The only thing interesting about the lot of GOP contenders so far was that there were some doofy names. All that’s left now is Newt and Mitt.

The Southern right wing nutballs have to be content with their evangelical-infested grip on keeping the party morally straight. They can’t field a candidate to run against President Obama.

Not so with Democrats from the South. Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton won the presidency. Then they didn’t sound like Foghorn Leghorn when they were on the stump.

Southern Republicans conjur up the image from the movies of the good ol’ boy on a plantation with “colored” help. Or one of those beer-belly Bubbas who are crooked sheriffs who live to arrest Yankees infiltrating the Confederacy.

And on —– get ready for it —- trumped-up charges.

Speaking of Trumped-up charges, The Donald’s paranoia about Obama continues. Now he wants the president to release his school records. Trump says Obama was a poor student who didn’t deserve to go to Ivy League schools.

Never mind that the prez was the first black editor of the Harvard Law Review. But Trump says Obama is concealing his school record because it’s just one more thing he wants to keep from the American people.

Once again The Donald gets a failing grade with this issue, since he won’t release records of his personal finance.

Trump, who hasn’t voted since 1989 or thereabouts, has no answers on how to get America back to work, or what to do about the deficit. In fact, no ideas —- zero —- about anything policy-wise relating to domestic or foreign issues.

Just questions about the president. He’s taking the theory that Republicans have to make the 2012 election way too personally.

But The Donald did pick up another endorsement: LaToya Jackson.

That comes after the ringing endorsement from Gary Busey.

Who’s next, David Hasselhoff?

Maybe it will be good ol’ boy Haley.

Heaven knows Trump could use a Barbour.

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