Birth of a notion

        “When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.”

—– from the movie, “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance”

         President Obama’s birth certificate non-controversy lead the news on cable broadcasts Wednesday for the last time.


Obama released the long-form of his birth certificate for all to see, and Donald Trump, who has been all over this birther stuff like a bad hairpiece on his head, took credit for the president caving in. Ya, like that was the first time he ever did that.

The Donald had a press junket with him when he bloated “I’m proud of myself.”

Sounds real presidential there, lump.

If you had a little more notice you could have had a “Mission Accomplished” banner behind you as you gloated.

Meanwhile the media was defending itself from criticism from Obama that they were giving more coverage to the “carnival barker” than important stuff like, you know, what’s being done to get America back to work.

The media gravitates to the bombastic. And Trump has cornered the market on being just that.

No two ways about it, the media is Trump’s pull toy.

Just like Palin before him.

Speaking of Her Royal Snarkiness, Palin tweeted that Trump “forced the issue.” Mama Grizzly is a media attention addict who claims to be a media critic, but only to those in the news world who criticize her. Since Trump has stolen the spotlight from her, Palin has been reduced to what she has always been when compared to the Maestro of Media Manipulation —- a rank amateur.

President Obama doesn’t get off scott-free here. Certainly he took the high ground, but he did so on a day when there was important news from his administration.

The national security shakeup involving a changing of the guards at Defense and the CIA was overshadowed by the unveiling of the birth certificate —- courtesy of the president himself.

On one hand he scolded the media for paying more attention to “silliness” than serious issues, and he was guilty of undermining the more important news of the day.

In essence, Obama “trumped” what should have been the hot topic of the day.

Take a look Thursday at the national and international news of the day in the newspapers this blog runs in and see which of the two stories got the bigger play.

Yours truly designed those pages.

Just the way both Obama and Trump would want it. And expect it.

“When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.” The line from the John Ford-John Wayne movie Western collaboration is spoken by a newspaper editor —- the sole media source of the time —–  when he finds out the truth, that the man who for years got all the credit and glory for killing the infamous outlaw Liberty Valance was not the man who did the heroic deed.

But the editor doesn’t mess with the legend. The truth can disappoint.

People believe what they want to believe. Sometimes from information they’ve been fed time and again over the years.

Legends are made, they’re not born.

Even if they were really born in Hawaii.

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