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The Royals

       By all accounts from the news programs this morning, the Royal Wedding went off without a hitch. The dashing prince and his loverly princess bride locked lips twice from the balcony of Buckingham Palace, much to the delight of … Continue reading


Birth of a notion

        “When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.” —– from the movie, “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance”          President Obama’s birth certificate non-controversy lead the news on cable broadcasts Wednesday for the last time. Right. Obama released the … Continue reading

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Barbour couldn’t cut it

     In the get out before you get in department, the lackluster Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour bowed out of the field of equally lackluster candidates for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination. The porcine Barbour said he lacked the “fire in … Continue reading

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Always fair game

      The White House Correspondents’ Dinner is next weekend. That’s when everybody’s a comedian —- including President Obama — when Washington pokes fun at its leaders and the media. Seth Myers of “Saturday Night Live” will be this year’s host … Continue reading


On Facebook

      President Obama is here on the Left Coast. The land of milk and honey —- and Hollywood money. Today he’s in Northern California where the girls are warmer where he’s conducting the first ever presidential Facebook town hall meeting. … Continue reading


The shrill of it all

     It’s been a while since Sarah Palin was on the stump working a crowd of her faithful delusionites into a frenzy at an anti-everthing Obama rally.  Therein lies the problem. Mama Grizzly was at a tea party event in … Continue reading


Who let the muzzle dogs out

       Alan Simpson, the former Republican senator from Wyoming and now co-chairman of President Obama’s debt commission, always shoots from the lip. Simpson’s latest hoot was calling out members of his own party for being a bunch of homophobes who … Continue reading


One in a million B.C.

     Czech archaeologists claim they have unearthed the remains of a gay cave man from about 2900-2500 B.C.   Apparently the cave gay guy was buried the way women of the Stone Age were planted in the ground.   Moreover, he was … Continue reading


Kennedy and Nixon together again

     The 8-part miniseries “The Kennedys” wrapped up on Reelz Channel on Sunday. (Yes, Virginia, there is a Reelz Channel.) The series had a difficult time finding a network. Must have been protests by The Surviving Kennedys. (Note: Good title … Continue reading

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Policy Riders

        Did everybody get what they wanted with the budget deal or no budget deal to prevent the government from shutting down? Can we call it a tie and get back to business? Well, the government’s closed for the weekend. … Continue reading

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