The Renegade

       The Secret Service’s code name for President Obama is “Renegade.”

Appropriate, considering his el perfecto —– the command decision to get Osama bin Laden.

They were dancing in the streets on college campuses. On Pennsylvania Avenue. And near ground zero in New York upon hearing the news that the mastermind of Sept. 11 was shot dead by the elite Navy Seals.

The FBI’s Most Wanted terrorist met his match. It wasn’t the Yale Cowboy who, in 2002 said he doesn’t think about the messianic mastermind.

It was the Renegade.

And so, sung to the title of “Renegade” by Styx, a few new lines:

“Osama you’re one dead S.O.B. taken out by U.S. international law.

Navy Seals planted a bullet to your brain and it even silenced Limbaugh.

The Renegade OKd the raid that killed Osama.

Forget that Fox messed up and said the president killed Obama.”

The prez got a standing O at a White House brainstorming session with Democrats and Republicans on Monday.

That didn’t last long before former media darling Sarah Palin gave faint praise to Obama (without mentioning his name) and more credit to George W. Bush, who she shrilled somehow after all these years deserves an assist.

Giving W. credit for finally “getting the people who did this” is like giving Custer credit for Little Big Horn.

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah. W. took his eye off the ball —- that’s why he didn’t play sports at Yale and instead was a cheerleader.

America’s Bully, Rush Limbaugh, and his ilk like Parrot Palin who recites his talking points hate to see that the pride is back.

This isn’t supposed to happen in their “real America.”

At least Donald Trump has been silenced this week. Just a coincidence that when Obama announced to the nation that bin Laden bought a one-way ticket to Palookaville he interrupted the buffoon tycoon’s TV show “Celebrity Apprentice?”

What’s The Donald want now, to see the long-form corpse of bin Laden?

Idea for an editorial cartoon: Hitler, Stalin and Saddam are burning in Hades when suddenly bin Laden shows up, and Hitler asks, “Osama, where in hell have you been?”

The pride is back, thanks to the Renegade.

The professorial president’s decision to send in the Navy Seals to do the impossible was textbook.

In the process, he schooled his critics.

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