Positively Old Testament

       An overwhelming 80 percent of Americans polled agreed that killing Osama bin Laden was the right decision as opposed to capturing him.

That’s right, we got Old Testament on the messianic mass murderer.

Meanwhile, more than 50 percent of Americans polled agreed with President Obama that the government should not  release the photos of a shot-in-the-head bin Laden.

Once again “Blood Libel” Sarah Palin was on the wrong end of public opinion.

Last week on her long and whining road to a possible White house run, the former media darling screeched that Obama should stop “pussy-footin’ around” and release the photos.


Obama manned-up.

Your turn, Mama Grizzly.

Instead of releasing the dead bin Laden photos, the Obama administration gave the OK to release something that may prove to be more effective: a video of an older-than-his-years looking bin Laden repeatedly watching himself on TV.

Who says there’s nothing on cable? In Pakistan it’s the Osama-rama: 24/7 of a psychotic vain madman who died his beard and hair to what, look younger in his insanity?

Comforting to know he was as pathetic as we’ve suspected all along.

Rumor has it that he would’ve liked to have gotten a Netflix subscription. But times being what they are….

And the maniac had a list of movies that he wanted to see. Get ready for some irony, here they are:

1. “There Will Be Blood”

2. “Point Blank”

3. “The Old Man and the Sea”

4. “Bullitt”

5. “The Shootist”

6. “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”

7. “Sunday, Bloody Sunday”

8. “From Here to Eternity”

9. “A Shot in the Dark”

10. “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”

     Meanwhile, the U.S. wants to talk to bin Laden’s three wives.

Word has it that former President Bill Clinton has volunteered to interrogate them.

Then he remembered Hillary has the phone numbers of those Navy SEALS.

     There’s nothing but good news to come out of the killing of bin Laden.

One of the lesser good things is no one can use that tired cliche “Ya, we can get ……. but we can’t find bin Laden.”

The bad news is now people will go back to the tired cliche “Sure, we can put a man on the moon but we can’t …..”

     Meanwhile, TV newspeople and pundits and experts on cable news shows should just keep referring to the dead terrorist as bin Laden, because they frequently mess up with the first name and say Obama instead of Osama.

Everywhere on cable news except on Fox, where its in the script.

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