‘Common’ ground

      Fox News has jumped the shark with their fear-mongering.
   OK, they’ve jumped the shark about 100 times since Barack Obama was inaugurated president. But this time it’s a beaut.
   The rapper/poet Common performed at the White House on Wednesday —- and all day and days before hand, the Fox News usual suspects went off on one hissy fit after another over this “dangerous” rap artist.
   Karl “I was Bush’s Brain” Rove called Common a thug.
   Sean Hannity said Obama was going back to his “radical roots.”
   No racist overtones there, Insanity.
   Is this all you got, Foxholes?
   See, the Fox News usual suspects, commanded by Rush Limbaugh, America’s Bully, are in panic mode —- have been ever since the Renegade got the world’s most wanted terrorist.
   As Media Matters pointed out, just in October, Fox interviewed Common and praised him as a ‘very positive’ and ‘conscious rapper.’ “
   C’mon, guys, check your facts. Oh, wait, there are no facts on Fox.
   Wait a minute, maybe Fox is right.
   Obama is really a secret terrorist. Ya. He gave the order to take out bin Laden to get people to think “hey, Obama can’t be a terrorist, he killed Osama bin Laden.”
   A-ha! Just what he wants you to think.
   Just like when he made public his birth certificate. Sure, he’s trying to get people to believe he really was born in the United States by providing proof.
   Man, he’s good at bamboozling.
   Fox has got bupkiss now. Obama has got Americans feeling good about America again.
   The pride is back.
   We got bin Laden and we’re looking damn good.
   Like winners.
   Fox and the Bully can’t stand that. They want Obama to fail. In essence, they want America to fail. No matter who is in the White House, you don’t want him to fail.
   Even if it is Newt Gingrich. Perish the thought.
   Fox has jumped the shark, and they even had Sara-cuda fishing for fear of a black rapper/poet.
   Palin has got to hate Common. After all, the word Common is always followed by the word Sense.
   We’ll have none of that from ol’ “Blood Libel.”
   Really, has it come to this Fox, fear of a black rapper/poet?
   You guys are really grasping at straws.
   But it’s appropriate in your case, because the only thing you can do with straws anyway is …. suck.

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