Pity the poor Newt.

Gingrich has had a rough go of it early on in his bid for the Republican nomination for president in 2012.

Sunday on “Meet the Press” Newt called GOP Congressman Paul Ryan’s budget plan “right-wing social engineering.”

That immediately got the right wing-nuts’ panties in a bunch.

Newt was nearly voted off “Dancing with the Candidates.” In fact, conservative columnists like George Will have already written his political obituary.

Now you know why these Republican/Fox News presidential hopefuls only appear on Fox, where the softball questions are tossed and where, if Newt would make a slip like that about “right-wing engineering,” it would be taken care of in editing.

Speaking of Fox News, Newt had to backtrack on his foot-in-mouth moment so he went on the network, or as it’s also known, Republican headquarters, to repent.

Rush Limbaugh, America’s Bully, was so burned up over Newt’s brain toot he threw a ground-shaking hissy fit on his radio program. He was so hot under the collar he forgot about his latest slander against President Obama, probably something like he’s a terrorist because he says “Pok-is-tan” instead of “Pakistan.”

Poor Newt. He had more ‘splaining to do than Arnold.

Anyway, there was Newt groveling on Fox.

Check your cajones at the door, Newt. You’ll be able to reclaim them after you do your penance.

Good thing there was a tight shot of Newt when he repented before the cameras —- if there was a wide shot we probably would’ve seen that he delivered his retraction while he was on his knees.

There’s no groveling in presidential politics.

Things got worse for Newt: While in Iowa a voter was caught on camera telling him he was “an embarrassment to the party” for undercutting Ryan.

Then there was the incident when Newt and Mrs. Newt were at a book signing and a gay activist sprinkled glitter all over them.

Think of that as the closest you’ll get to a ticker-tape parade, Newt.

Or maybe you can use that to your advantage to get the gay vote by saying, “See, I’m no stranger to being a supporter, by proxy, of gay pride parades.”

It’s not clear whether Newt will bow out from all this pressure from his own party. Or even if he reclaimed his cajones. We should know soon.

His groveling may have done the trick. Until the next time he says something not in the Fox News/America’s Bully playbook.

Meanwhile, that lunatic Congresswoman from Minnesota, Ms. Frostbite Falls herself, Michele Bachmann, may be close to announcing her bid for a run at the Republican presidential nomination in 2012.

She Tweeted that people were telling her to enter the race.

OK, so those were the many voices in her head speaking.

Let’s hope she announces.

Newt probably hopes so, too.

With all the nitwit stuff she’s capable of saying, she’ll make him look like Churchill.

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