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The fast talker

     Mitt Romney is going to officially announce on Thursday that he is a candidate for the Republican nomination for president in 2012. As Larry David’s comedy series on HBO says, “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” Listening to Romney on the news … Continue reading


Apocalypse not now

     Saturday is the one week anniversary when the world was supposed to end but, as we’re all aware of, did not.   The California preacher who predicted that the world would say hasta la bye-bye has revised his doomsday prophecy.   … Continue reading

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Dems get scary

    When the Democrats controlled the House and Senate they were too chicken to do anything.   Now that the Republicans control the House, they’re going off the deep end.   GOP Congressman Paul Ryan, the boy genius who came up with … Continue reading


What about Bob?

       Bob Dylan, the poet laureate of the 1960s, turned 70 years old on Tuesday. How does it feel? In his brilliant career, Dylan has also performed for Pope John Paul II, won a best song Oscar and has even … Continue reading


Medicare goes to the polls

      There’s a special Congressional election in upstate New York today to fill the seat of the creepy Republican who immediately resigned a few months back after he posted a picture of himself shirtless on Craigslist.  But he’s not the … Continue reading


Pawlenty to choose from

     Where were you when the world was supposed to come to an end on Saturday?  You can tell that America is back to normal: People are selling T-shirts that read “I survived the end of the world on May … Continue reading


End game

       The end of the world is coming on Saturday. Or so some doomsday soothsayers are saying. Coincidence that this ties in with Oprah’s final show? Just asking. The end of the world. After the week that Arnold and Newt … Continue reading

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        Pity the poor Newt. Gingrich has had a rough go of it early on in his bid for the Republican nomination for president in 2012. Sunday on “Meet the Press” Newt called GOP Congressman Paul Ryan’s budget plan “right-wing … Continue reading

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Monkeying around

       Arnold. You big ape you.  Let’s see a “Saturday Night Live” skit with someone playing the former gov. singing the Supremes hit “Love Child.”  Arnold admitted Wednesday to fathering a child 10 years ago with a former household staffer.  … Continue reading


Hair today, gone tomorrow

        It’s not who is in as possible GOP presidential candidates in 2012 —- it’s who is out. Donald Trump, the buffoon tycoon, fired himself Monday from running for president. The self-proclaimed economic wizard figured more Americans were more concerned … Continue reading