Hot dogs

      The latest scandal on Capitol Hill involves Democratic New York Congressman Anthony Weiner.

The jokes are flying fast because his last name is a pun that fits the controversy.

A lewd photo was sent from his Twitter account to a young co-ed (who looks way too much like Snooki.)

Weiner denies that the photo is of him.

The media is all over this story like, well, mustard on a wiener.

Every news organization wanted to get out in front of the story because they didn’t want to play catch-up.

Weiner, who can be played in a movie about himself by Eddie Deezen (you have to Google that name to see what he looks like, then compare it to the Congressman), has been raked over the charcoals.

Before this news cycle ends, Fox News will relish every moment. So will the party Fox controls —- the Republicans, who want to dine on this media feeding frenzy. It takes everybody’s mind off the fact that the GOP is trying to kill Medicare as we know it.

You don’t think for a moment that those weasels who exposed ACORN and then tried to bug Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu’s office are behind this, do you?

Weiner is certainly in a pickle. And how dare he — this hot dog grabbed the spotlight from two of the country’s biggest hams of media attention who met for pizza in NYC Tuesday night.

The Narcissistic Twins, Sarah Pallin and Donald Trump, hogged the spotlight once again by drawing attention to themselves.

Princess Photo-Op and the Buffoon Tycoon met while she was on her Long and Whining Road bus trip back East to bless real Americans. Apparently all is forgiven between the Twins: The Donald stole Mama Grizzly’s thunder there for awhile when it was his turn to lead the media by its nose. And Palin had to make a comeback of sorts. She’s been off her game for a few months with her debacle after the Tucson rampage where ol’ “blood libel” made it all about herself.

Now she’s back on a bus tour that’s all about herself.

And once again the media is her lap dog. But then the media has always been attracted to Palin, even though there is never any there, there.

Palin did visit Gettysburg and wanted to look up the address of the house where Lincoln spent his summer vacations.

When someone asked her what were the first lines to the Gettysburg Address, Palin thought for a while and then answered, “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…”

Then when she toured Ellis Island she was befuddled to learn that it was where millions of immigrants came to when they first got to America. Palin wondered why Mexicans took the long way around to sneak into the country.

Of course none of this is true.

What is true is that she is on a bus tour back East. And she just so happened to be in New Hampshire on Thursday, when Mitt Romney officially announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for president in 2012.

Of course Palin, acting all innocent about it, overshadowed the Mittster’s big day in the sun.

There are no coincidences as far as Palin is concerned. Everything is staged.

And it’s appropriate that she’s traveling by bus, because she just threw Romney under one.

You want some mustard on that hot dog, Sarah?

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