The Beck stops here

Glenn Beck’s TV show on Fox News is going off the air at the end of the month.
  But not to worry, ye faithful followers. Ye Beckerwoods. He’ll still be on the radio.
  Seems that Fox News’ Minister of Propaganda and Fearmongering Fuhrer was losing sponsors at a steady pace throughout the past year or so.
  Beck came to power on Fox soon after Barack Obama was sworn in as president.
  Another thing we can blame on Obama.

But for now we say hasta la bye, bye to Beck the televised demogogue in a song. Sung to the tune of “Thanks for the Memories”:

“Thanks for the propaganda
  for peoples’ careers you destroyed
  for the many you made paranoid
  the bold face lies you told
  on TV and books you sold
  all of this with facts you dismissed
  while trying to sell gold.
  Good riddance, you putz.”

Beck still needs to be seen to be, well, believed.

Here are some suggestions for him to remain in the public eye:

1. He could host a reality TV show called “Are You Smarter Than A Nazi Sympathizer?”

2. He could run for president on the Lunatic Fringe Party ticket with Rick Santorum as his running mate. The timing couldn’t be better. The more insane your theories, the more you get covered in the media, which in turn gives you free air time for people with simple minds to vote for you.

3. Drive the bus on Palin’s next leg of her One America tour, this time in the Heartland.

4. Be the Baba Booey to Rush Limbaugh on the TV segment of America’s Bully’s radio show.

5. Co-star in the TV sit-com “Hangin’ with Mr. Jesus,” a comedy series in the tradition of “My Favorite Martian.” When Jesus comes back to Earth soon, he’ll want to be on a TV sitcom because that’s the only way he can convince people that he really is the son of God. So on this show, Glenn plays the reluctant guy who becomes Jesus’ buddy who puts him up at his pad until Jesus can get right and earn money on his own.

Glenn has to pretend that the son of God is his “Uncle Jesse” because everyone will think he’s crazy if he says the son of god is staying with him. Glenn plays a morning show TV host whose “Uncle Jesse” soon begins to speak through him.

Join the fun as Glenn and Uncle Jesse convince people that Democrats are demons, President Obama is a Kenyan Muslim socialist who hates white people and Christians, and how Beck has to defend his uncle from people who think he’s a pot-smokin’ damn hippie with too many liberal wussy views.

Comedy ensues as the long-suffering Beck has to be the straight man when Uncle Jesse deals with the modern age —- from everything from dating to getting a Twitter account.

Future plots inclue Uncle Jesse dealing with road rage on the freeway, teaming with Bristol Palin at an abstinance convention, and the special one-hour episode when he decides it’s time he goes on Facebook.

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15 Responses to The Beck stops here

  1. Mr. Beckerwood says:

    Losing sponsors, come on even Beck’s boss Roger Ailes has denied that one. Copy boy do your homework before you spread the hate.Otherwise you just another Peckerwood talking about something you know nothing about.
    Sad thing is there are actually Perkerwoods like your self whom actually believe the stuff Ed,Rachel spoon feed you on a daily basis.
    Gave me a good laugh for the day though copy boy!But stick to being the copy editor…oh wait you can’t even do that right.

  2. SeeSaw says:

    I don’t need anyone to spoon feed me anything, but I can recognize a nut, when I see such. Beck is a nut–Mr. B, why do you think his show is going off the air. People can listen to the rants of nuts for only so long. As far as Ed and Rachel are concerned–they are both very educated and knowlegable–can you say the same for “nut” Beck”?

  3. Son Of Beckerwood says:

    “As far as Ed and Rachel are concerned–they are both very educated and knowlegable”

    Only some spoonfeed pinhead educated elitist could come to this conclusion!

    Great stuff. That’s why I watch those two. Love to debate the “educated and knowlegable” using their own words against them. Eventually they stick their tail between their legs and just walk away.

  4. You and Dumb says:

    Little Johnny B obviously was or is some college professors lap dog.

  5. SeeSaw says:

    SOB, you wouldn’t last 30 seconds in a debate with Maddow or Schultz. Best you stick to chasing imagined conspiracies and slandering people, with your idol, nut Beck.

  6. Sadly They Do says:

    Hey Son Of Beck, why not remind SEESAW that Anthony Weiner tried the so called conspiracy thing on Beck with the whole Gold is fixed fiasco.Little Tony walked away embarassed.I’ve come to the conclusion that Beck as wild as he is,is right on a majority of the time.
    Love watching Maddow and Schultz just for the pure entertainment value alone. The right makes their heads explode and it is a riot to watch. Throw in Stewart too and you walk away saying do people actually believe this stuff.
    Sadly yes they do.

  7. SeeSaw says:

    STD: You are entitled only to your own opinion–not your own facts. It is very sad, in my opinion, that there are people like you, who think that you are so much smarter and brighter, than those who prefer MSNBC to Fox (faux). Fortunately, for my ilk, you are, and always will be, outnumbered by those of us, who prefer moderation over rightism.

  8. Mr. Beckerwood says:

    Ah yes you knew it was only a matter of time before “Faux New” monicker would come out. The Kool-aid drinkers amaze me. Wait amuse me. They still can’t tell the difference between hard news and opinion shows.
    SeeSaw in your responce to Sadly, when you state:
    “Fortunately, for my ilk, you are, and always will be, outnumbered by those of us, who prefer moderation over rightism.”
    Are you sure about that? Wanna compare just the Cable ratings of Fox Or Faux if you prefer to MSNBC.Just those numbers alone “outnumber” those of you pinheads.
    Come on do some homework will ya your embarrassing yourself.

  9. SeeSaw says:

    What do cable ratings have to do with the populace in general? Not everyone watches cable news. Fox is the place of comfort, for the righties and the gullible, who don’t care whether or not the spin they get is factual. I could care less about ratings–I can spot intelligence when I see it–its sure not on Fox.

  10. Son Of Beckerwood says:

    Got to love this stuff……..

    “I could care less about ratings–I can spot intelligence when I see it–its sure not on Fox.”

    Of course it’s on MSNBC! Great Stuff!!!

  11. Rush Limbaugh says:

    I think you guys/gals have exposed SeeSaw for what what he/she is. A young skull full of mush.

  12. Alan Colmes Fan says:

    SEESAW is such a dumass and probably never watches FOX. Alan Colmes is all over Fox News you can’t get more liberal than that loser.And they love using him as a punching bag.
    Do I need to make a list for See Saw of all the Lib’s on Fox.
    But then again See Saw wouldn’t understand what is a hardline NEWS show on Fox from a Opinion show on Fox.

  13. SeeSaw says:

    I am not a liberal. I am a moderate–left side of the line. I do not need to be educated about Fox (faux) News. So sorry for you rightists–you will never take over Cali.

  14. Just An Observation says:

    And look at what the Moderates and Liberals have done to California.

  15. SeeSaw says:

    JAO, what has been done to CA has been done to every entity in the country–I don’t think that those Wall Street bankers, mortgage brokers, and loan officers, who packaged all those Derivitives, were the Moderates and Liberals of CA. I shudder to think what would happen if the conservatives took over–the selfish, in my book. If you are so smart, let’s hear it–what would you do to save CA?

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