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The Beck stops here

Glenn Beck’s TV show on Fox News is going off the air at the end of the month.  But not to worry, ye faithful followers. Ye Beckerwoods. He’ll still be on the radio.  Seems that Fox News’ Minister of Propaganda … Continue reading


Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome

     President Obama is going to attend a fundraiser tonight in New York City sponsored by gay activists. The timing couldn’t be more, well, timely. The Empire State’s Assembly is trying to get the votes needed to legalize same-sex … Continue reading

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The golf summit

      The so-called Golf Summit over the weekend with President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner didn’t tee-off too many on either side of the aisle. Fox News couldn’t even shank a comment on this one, since Obama was smart … Continue reading


Shecky Romney

     The wealthy can buy just about anything, except a sense of humor. Or when it is appropriate to try to be funny.   Last week, GOP presidential frontrunner Mitt “Shecky” Romney thought he’d tell a funny. Speaking in Florida to … Continue reading

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Hubris heroes

     Charlie Sheen. Donald Trump. Anthony Weiner. One more and we’ve got a Hubris Mount Rushmore. The year is about halfway through and the media has been busy working overtime covering stories about people who don’t really matter in the grand … Continue reading


Off to see the Wizard

    The Republican Presidential debate in New Hampshire on Monday wasn’t a debate at all. Well, it could be debated which candidate mentioned the word “Obamacare” the most.   Newt Gingrich was as bland as his pasty white self.   Mitt Romney … Continue reading

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What were they thinking?

    It used to look like the Republican field of presidential hopefuls for 2012 were on the bench. Now everyone and their brother wants to step up to the plate.  The first Republican presidential debate —- or as it’s also … Continue reading


The waiting game

         Even the liberal media is saying President Obama won’t win a second term because the economy is so bad. So Mitt Romney will be the next president of the United States. He knows bidness because he’s run a big … Continue reading



        Just when he thought he heard every bad pun concerning his last name, disgraced New York Democratic Congressman Anthony “You may already be a” Weiner has opened Pandora’s box and let loose a ton more wiener jokes thanks to … Continue reading

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Thus Spoke Sarathustra

         “Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?” — Bluto in “Animal House”       Sarah Palin had her own reality TV show on The Learning Channel. She will next appear in her own reality TV show on the new … Continue reading