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Follow the leader

         The House of Representatives pulled a Boehner.       Well, they yanked the House Speaker’s original debt-ceiling limit plan, which he announced not in front of TV news cameras or to the American people en masse, but rather on the radio … Continue reading

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Gimme that old time religion and politics

      The Minnesota Twits, former Gov. Tim Pawlenty and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, both Republican presidential hopefuls, are bad-mouthing each other on the campaign trail.     He said, she said is starting to give their individual campaigns and their supporters —- wait … Continue reading

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        The age 27 curse.     The holy trinity who came to prominence during the Summer of Love in 1967 —- Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix —- all died at that age.     So too did Brian Jones of The … Continue reading

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Barack Bachmann

      President Obama was on the road in College Park, Md., on Friday where he tried to make some sense out of all this debt ceiling crisis.     Cuts in entitlements like Medicare and Social Security seem to be secure, and … Continue reading

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The Artful Codger

      An appropriate headline for the front page of 80-year-old Rupert Murdoch’s tabloid rag the New York Post. It describes how he was permitted to dance around the truth from members of Parliament, who all had two left feet.    Murdoch … Continue reading

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Rupert goes to Parliament

         Fox News headline that could sum up their boss Rupert Murdoch being grilled by members of Parliament on the phone-hacking scandal in the United Kingdom:      “Muslim attacks Rupert Murdoch with a plate of shaving cream spiked with anthrax!”      Murdoch and … Continue reading


Mother Inferior

       Hollywood has given us the movies “Bad Teacher” and “Horrible Bosses.” So it won’t be long before there could be a movie called “Incredibly Stupid Jury.”     Any negative word for a movie title before the word “Lawyers” would be … Continue reading

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A moment of mediaspeak

     Mediaspeak: A litany of cliched catch phrases or words used by cable TV newspeople, pundits and other guests strung together in sentence form on any subject.       Today’s mediaspeak topic: The debt-ceiling crisis.       “It’s a slippery slope the talks are … Continue reading

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Media molester

                Is it really news of the world that Rupert Murdoch is despicable?         The messianic molester of media never met a fact he couldn’t distort and turn it into fearmongering, or trigger suppressed racism among the simple minds that depend … Continue reading


Princess Whackaloon

      The more we learn about GOP presidential hopeful Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, the more she appears to be what she can’t or won’t disguise: a major league whackaloon.      The female Tasmanian Devil apparently never read the controversial slavery language … Continue reading

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