Mother Inferior

       Hollywood has given us the movies “Bad Teacher” and “Horrible Bosses.” So it won’t be long before there could be a movie called “Incredibly Stupid Jury.”
     Any negative word for a movie title before the word “Lawyers” would be redundant.
     Early Sunday morning in Orlando, Florida, Casey Anthony was released from prison after having been found not guilty of killing her two-year-old daughter Caylee.
     Protesters gathered outside the prison to chant “killer” or “baby killer” and some interviewed said that God spoke to them to show up and demonstrate Anthony’s freedom. One woman in the crowd tried to convince reporters that the protest sign she made included evidence that little Caylee was speaking to her from heaven.
     Americans love to be outraged.
     On Monday, cable news shows were asking the question “What next for Casey Anthony?”
     People offering their opinions on that question were numerous, as you might gather.
     Watch David Letterman talk about it tonight. It’s not out of the question that he could include the ominous punchline, “And guys, she’s single.”
     As for what Mother Inferior might or might not do next. Nothing very promising. Hell, she’s probably even too toxic to do a spread for “Playboy.”
     How about her own show on Nickelodeon? Ah, no.
     A Barbara Walters interview? Not out of the question.
     Become a new “goddess” for Charlie Sheen? That would make for an interesting tour, although nobody cares about him anymore. Sorry, Charlie.
     Host her own reality TV show “So You think You Can Get Away with Murder.”  And on the Court TV network.
       Things overheard in the crowd when Casey Anthony was released from prison:
       1. “We brought the kids along so they can learn how to condemn people to hell.”
       2. “I’m just here because I have a summons for Jane Velez-Mitchell to appear in “The People’s Court” for being an obnoxious harpie.”
       3. “Isn’t this the line to see the last ‘Harry Potter’ movie?”
       4. “Where’s Nancy Grace? You’d think Satan would want to be here for this.”
       5. “I’m disappointed. I was sure her scumbag lawyer would go to the microphone and ask her: ‘Casey Anthony. You’ve just been released from prison, what are you going to do now?’ And she’d answer: ‘I’m going to Disney World!’ “

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