Barack Bachmann

      President Obama was on the road in College Park, Md., on Friday where he tried to make some sense out of all this debt ceiling crisis.
     Cuts in entitlements like Medicare and Social Security seem to be secure, and he got applause when he delivered the sure-fire positive response when he said the wealthiest in the country should pay their fair share.
     Of course saying that big corporations should pay up got the crowd behind him, too.
     One wonders though what some of the people in the crowd at the town hall meeting were thinking or saying. Maybe things like:
       1. “He looks more Muslim in person.”
       2. “He’s trying a new tactic to get people to support his debt-crisis plan: He’s telling everybody he suffers from migraines.”
       3. “Dude, isn’t this another beer summit?”
       4. “Until now I thought ‘cut, cap and balance’ was a routine on ‘So You Think You Can Dance.’ “
       5. “I’m just here because I heard if you can make it through one of his town hall meetings you can win a free ticket to see ‘Captain America.’ “


                 The human migraine

           Republican presidential hopeful Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann suffers from excessive migraines.
        That would explain the brain damage.
        Her rivals for the GOP nod were trying to make a big deal of her health issue.
        Maybe they would be more successful campaigning against her mental health problems.
        The female Tasmanian devil is getting all kinds of sympathy and support from various groups —- including some liberal newswomen who say bringing up the whole migraine issue with Bachmann was sexist, since women outnumber men 5 to 1 when it comes to that particular health issue.
        Maybe Bachmann should check deeper into that whole Obamacare thing.
        She’s getting a pass on this whole migraine business, but she’s still catching flack about that whole deal with her and her husband and their clinic where one can “pray away the gay.”
        Bachmann maintains that once she’s president she’ll outlaw gay marriage and pornography. Or gay marriage pornography. Whatever. Of course no president has the authority to take such action. But once the tiny terror gets in power that will all change. Her and her ilk keep trying to rewrite the Constitution. So stay tuned.
        The spunky twisted sister of Princess Photo Op Palin is so wrapped up in those two social issues she probably thinks the following lists of movie titles somehow contain one or both elements and therefore should be banned:
          1. “Enter the Dragon”
          2. “Mr. Mom”
          3. “Three Men and a Baby”
          4.  “Advance to the Rear”
          5. “A Few Good Men”
          6. “The Big Lebowski”
          7. “Of Human Bondage”
          8. “Deep Impact”
          9. “The Thing”
          10. “Die Hard”

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