‘Cave’ man

     The Republican Party doesn’t need to nominate Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann or Rick Perry for the 2012 presidential election. They already have their candidate. 
   And he’s the incumbent.
   President Obama. He certainly acts like he wants to be a Republican.
   He gives them everything they want.
   Obama and leaders of both the House and Senate agreed on a plan to avoid the nation defaulting at the 11th hour on Tuesday.
   But listening to progressive leaders, Obama agreed to 80 to 90 percent of what the GOP demanded in the debt deal.
   In fact, House Speaker John Boehner was trying to convince his constituents to vote for the deal because “we got 98 percent of what we wanted.”
   Way to defend that meesly 2 percent, Mr. President.
   Obama didn’t get the tax incentives he wanted. What he did get that probably sold him on the whole deal is not having to mess with arguing over raising the debt ceiling until after the 2012 election.
   It’s hard to believe that some conservatives are unhappy with the debt deal — unless they’re not wanting to be smug about it and go around high-fiving each other until it passed in the House.
   Well, the debt deal plan passed easily in the House, because after all is said and done, Congress can take a five-week recess. Which is appropriate, recess that is, because they’ve been acting like children all along during this debate and they need a time out.
   Class dismissed.
   The Senate will vote on the debt plan on Tuesday. Expect 70 to 75 votes in favor. They need some time on the swing sets and teeter-totters, too.
   Meanwhile, Obama would like to see this whole mess pass because he, like the majority in the House and Senate, don’t want to see the nation default. But it’s also his 50th birthday coming up on Thursday and there is supposed to be a birthday/fundraiser for him in Chicago. It wouldn’t look good if he’s partying while the nation defaults —- not that Fox News won’t slam him for partying even if the debt plan passes both Houses of Congress and those guys and gals are enjoying recess.
   The president wasn’t lying when he said compromise was the solution to this messy situation. He would have been just as open and honest if he told the American people and his own party that he was more than willing to cave in to tea party demands.
   But then, he really didn’t have to. It was expected all along. So in that case he didn’t let his base down.
   Come November 2012, though, that base may be open and, baseball lingo-wise, he may be told to walk.

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