No one involved in the debt debate —- from the president on down — inspired the nation during the vitriolic debt debate.
  No sir. The lone profile in courage showed up in the House chambers quite by surprise on Monday night to cast her vote for the debt deal.
  Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, the Democrat from Arizona who was shot in the head in that rampage in Tucson in January, walked into the chambers and immediately got the attention of 434 representatives —- and America’s, too.
  Gabby received a standing ovation they say lasted 10 minutes. Meanwhile the cliche rang true: There wasn’t a dry eye in the House.
  She was there to personally cast her vote to make sure the nation didn’t default.
  Her appearance alone made all the media-starved lawmakers on both sides of the aisle irrelevant.
  For 10 minutes the American people saw the face of courage —- of a woman who wouldn’t let her wounds or her pain prevent her from fulfilling her duty.
  Gabrielle Giffords represents what we should be getting from our representatives. She is brave, capable of taking bold steps to do whatever it takes to move the nation forward, even if she has to crawl.
  But there she was standing on her own two feet. She looked different, certainly. But there was an aura about her that captivated even the most cynical of us.
  Maybe she is a metaphor for how the Republic is now —- wounded but fighting with all her strength to once again pick herself up and thrive again, come hell or high water.
  Gabby Giffords has kept her faith in God and country, and it brought her back with courage and dignity in tact to that place last night to cast her vote.
  The word miracle is bandied about too easily these days. But maybe in Gabby’s case it has found a comfortable place.
  Maybe God is watching over our great nation after all.
  He has been known to work in mysterious ways.
  Gabby Giffords showing up to vote last night could have been an example of that.
  For 10 minutes anyway there was this blessing in disguise, this wounded spirit who survived a vicious attack on her life, who brought the hallowed halls of Congress to its feet to cheer and to cry tears of joy.
  Maybe God is watching over this great country.
  May he continue to watch over Gabrielle Giffords, too.

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