Satan sandwiches and a mouthful of rant

       Congress can now get back to what they do best. Go on recess.
   A recent poll taken asked people to use one word to describe the budget talks.
   “Disgusting” was a big winner.
   So was “stupid.”
   “Childish” made the cut, too.
   The most memorable description of what the debt deal was like by someone who was opposed to it came from Democratic Congressman Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri. He said the deal was like being fed “a sugar-coated Satan sandwich.”
   In the South, a “Satan sandwich” is a scarlet version of the classic Moon Pie, a red devil’s food cookie sandwich with marshmallow filling.
   If you think that was hard for progressives to swallow…  they’ve got a mouthful of rant to spew.
   Some are defending President Obama by making excuses for his capitulation.
 They’re using words like “holding America hostage” to describe how the tea party was threatening to let the nation default until they got what they wanted.
 Some liberals even used the word “terrorists” to describe tea party Republicans during this whole debt deal dilemma.
 The Rev. Al Sharpton, referring to the “hostage” analogy, was right on target when he said the Democrats left the door open for the tea party, who didn’t even have to “pick the locks.”
 The Rev. Al should’ve stopped there, because he went too far when he maintained that tea party Republicans  “put a gun to (President Obama’s) head.”
 A bit rough there, Rev.
 Other liberals didn’t use stark analogy. Instead they said “they backed the president into a corner.”
 OK, you’re the president. No one backs you into a corner.
 You’re the freakin’ leader of the free world.
 You’re the guy who got bin Laden, and you can’t handle Mitch McConnell?
 Cmon, man.
 Obama is not good at calling the loyal opposition’s bluff, even if they don’t stack the deck.
 There’s a theory out there somewhere that Obama will back away from getting tough everytime because he doesn’t want to be labeled “the angry black guy.”
 He won’t even use the bully pulpit because it has the word “bully” in it.
 Don’t capitualte. Legislate.
 You’re the Renegade, dammit. Act like it.
 We know your heart’s in the right place.
 It’s time to stop looking for your damn cajones.

  Things House Republicans said while gloating after the debt deal passed:
  1. “Good news! The Koch Brothers called and said we can all keep our pound of flesh!”
  2. “Obama is so vulnerable I’m seriously thinking about voting for him.”
  3. “If Boehner didn’t smoke so many butts he could do victory laps without worrying about barfing up a lung.”
  4. “I don’t care if we did get 98 percent of what we wanted. I still want to wipe that smirk off Eric Cantor’s face.”
  5. “These ‘sugar-coated Satan sandwiches’ are mighty tasty.”

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