B.O. is 5-0

        What’s the next stumbling block the Republicans will put on the road to recovery?
    They’ve been successful at moving the conversation away from job creation because they haven’t a clue how to fix the anemic economy. They were responsible for wasting a month debating raising the debt ceiling and coming dangerously close to letting the nation default, which would’ve never happened had there been a Republican in the White House.
    The next diversion for the GOP to avoid talking jobs appears to be the partial shutdown of the Federal Aviation Administration, which could hold up paychecks until October for some 77,000 workers.
    It’s not where are the jobs anymore, it’s where are the government jobs tea party terrorists can attack.
    No matter what the GOP has in mind to divert from the fact they don’t know how to create jobs, the president and Democrats will be led by their nose-hairs to follow in line.
    Speaking of President Obama, he turned 50 years old today.
    B.O. is 5-0.
    If he’s celebrating the landmark birthday in Chicago tonight, expect Princess Photo-Op Palin and other Foxholes to use him as a human pinada for partying.
    What if there is a birthday bash and you were the comic emcee of the event, and you can ditch the material screened by the White House and wing it? Here is some material you might not want to use:
      “Mr. President, you’re 50. But you don’t look it. You look 41. You know, the same number as your job approval rating.”
     “You can’t lie about your age, Mr. President. It says so right there on your birth certificate. And who in their right mind would ever question that?”
       “The Dow took a major hit today. Cable news network headlines included:
         MSNBC: “Global economy panic sends Wall Street in a tail-spin.”
         CNN: “Forthcoming jobs report throws market into turmoil.”
         Fox News: “Dow plummets on Obama’s birthday!”
       “Mr. President, Republicans were thinking of getting you a gift. It’s only fair, you just gave them one.”
        “Thanks for getting bin Laden. Who knew that would be the easiest thing for you to get done in your presidency? It’s a good thing you didn’t consult Republicans before the mission —- they would’ve talked you out of it.”
       “So you’re going to hit the road talking jobs. It’s appropriate that you’re traveling by bus —- because you just threw the middle-class under one.”
        “Even Hollywood is doing its part to keep America stupid, with movies like “Jackass 3-D,” “Bad Teacher” and “Horrible Bosses” Take note, Mr. President, it’s a sure sign the country is leaning toward a Palin presidency.”
        “Marilyn sang ‘Happy Birthday, Mr. President” to JFK. The best we can offer you is Tyler Perry in a bad wig as Madea Monroe.”

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One Response to B.O. is 5-0

  1. bub says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. President! We will be celebrating your 55th birthday in the West Wing too. Well done, sir. Keep up the good fight and keep on truckin’! your buddy, Bub

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