Ain’t no Mo

              Hey, Mo!
      Kaddafy ducks out of Libya.
     Where have you gone, Mo Kaddafy, a free world turns its wrath on you.
     President Obama adds another notch on his gun belt with this latest foreign policy triumph.
     And we didn’t have to put one boot on the ground in Tripoli.
     Too bad for a lot of Americans he doesn’t have the same touch — or luck — with domestic policy.
     But the GOP and the “news” network that controls the party, Fox, have got to be seething.
     For all their nonsense about Obama not being man enough to take on the maniacs in the world, the Renegade is 2 for 2. First he orders the hit on bin Laden. Mission accomplished. Then he’s patient enough not to go all shock and awe on Libya.
     Obama let NATO and our allies do all the heavy lifting in Libya and kept our blood and treasure out of harm’s way in that part of the world.
     Now if he’d only give the word and get us the hell out of Afghanistan.
     Things going through Moammar Khaddafy’s head right now (if not someone’s stray bullet):
     1. “Call Cheney. See if there’s an extra bunker at one of his undisclosed locations.”
     2. “Not a bad resume I got here: Madman who ruled with an iron fist over a terrified people for 42 years. Hell, that should get me in the front door on Wall Street.”
     3. “Was that a couple of helicopters I just heard landing on the roof?!”
     4. “Well there goes my pitch for my reality TV show “The Mo the Merrier.”
     5. “What if I promised to stop wearing this stupid hat on my head?”
     6. “And here I was just about to hand over the dictatorship reins to my idiot son, Moammar W. Khaddafi.”
     7. “Is there a witness protection program for insane deposed dictators? Even I’ve got a higher approval rating than Obama in Oklahoma.”
     8. “I’d enter the Republican presidental nomination race but I’m not right wing bat**** crazy enough.”
     9. “Is Fox News still looking for a nutjob replacement for Glenn Beck?”
     10. “Wonder if Osama put in a good word for me with those 72 virgins.”

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